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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mr. Minus

Mr. Minus

Creator: Ginger Johnson
Allan Lee
Dr. Bob Roberts
Ed Cave
Kelly Door

He had been treated with radiation and various kinds of ray machines. He never did find out exactly what all they shot him with, or fed him, or put into his system. Nor what the experiments were supposed to prevent or cure. The doctor in charge, Dr. Bob Roberts, had been killed before completion of the research, and had not lived long enough to find out what caused this strange malady.
The first time it happened was fourteen years ago: Allan tried to calm himself, but that turned out to be impossible as long as he sat in front of the mirror! But he just couldn't move away! He had to watch! He had to know exactly what was happening to him. He had been sitting at the dresser writing a letter to a friend, when he had looked up and noticed that his reflection was looking a bit paler than before. He thought it was the lighting in the room. But no … he could still see the pen and paper and all other objects in the room. He looked down to his hands, and was shocked further! He could see his bones showing through his transparent skin!' He then looked up at his head and was amazed even more! He could actually see his brain! His skin was disappearing!
"Oh God! Even my bones are looking translucent! What is happening? I can't believe what I am seeing! I must be having a nightmare! But, when will I wake up? I'm turning invisible! This has to be a nightmare!  Sure hope that this isn't true!"
Allan moaned and closed his eyes tightly, then opened them again only to see - or not see - the same thing! "There has to be an answer! I know. I'll go to bed and dream that I'm sleeping, and when I wake up, I'll know that this was a dream. I hope to God it's a dream!" he said to himself, as he got up out of the chair and moved over to his bed. He could still see his pajamas moving across the room in the mirror, and he could look down at his legs (or where his legs would be) and could see the legs of the pajamas move as he walked. But, he could not see his bare feet sticking out of the bottom. He checked out his hands again, and could not see them either. Not even the bones! He could feel them, but the actual 'seeing' didn't apply.
He panicked!! He tore off his pajama bottoms, and he could not see his shorts, which were all natural material! He then tore off his shorts! All he could see was his pajama top floating above the floor! He removed that and he could see nothing but his glasses floating about in the mirror!
He could still feel things. He could feel his feet with his hands, but could 'see' neither. He could still feel his feet on the floor! He went to touch things to prove to that he was actually still in the room! He touched the sofa, the chair, the bed, and finally the phone. He decided that he would call Dr. Roberts to see if he could still be heard! He could hear himself as he moved, and he had heard his voice as he talked to himself, but he had to be sure that others could hear him! He was so upset that he didn't even think of the time! He rose and went to his closet to dress. Even if no one could see him, at least he would know that he had clothes on his body! He picked out a pair of wool slacks and a synthetic shirt. He put his arm in the shirtsleeve and pulled it across his shoulders and buttoned it. Then pulled his slacks up his legs. He didn't tuck in the shirt, though. As he watched himself in the mirror, he snapped the waist. Then he did a double take! His pants disappeared! The shirt was still visible, but the pants weren't! He felt the pants with his fingers, but could no longer see them! He removed the pants, went to the closet and chose a pair of synthetic pants and put them on. They stayed visible! He looked at the pair of wool slacks that hung on a hanger and saw that they were again visible. There must be an explanation. He tried to remember what his underwear was made of. He knew that they had disappeared. He couldn't remember, but he checked out his other shorts. It turned out that he had several different styles in the drawer. He picked up a pair of woolen shorts and held them against his arm. They vanished where they touched his skin. He then got a synthetic blend and repeated the process. It stayed visible! He wondered what this meant. Maybe it had something to do with whatever the object was made of. He had the same reaction to all his clothing except woolen or natural products. And shoes. He found that none of his shoes would disappear! They were all made from synthetic materials. Or, at least, the additives made them synthetic. He really didn't know much about that sort of thing but he would check it out later. No leather shoes. All synthetic.
Thus, he became MR. MINUS!
Allan Lee answered an advertisement in the newspaper to participate in a research project in a small country in the southern hemisphere. He was supplied room and board and a wage, and told the research would be beneficial to mankind. He had taken the 'job' because his eyesight would not allow him to join the military. He was legally blind in both eyes.
Ed Cave was the red headed Chief of Police in the town of Pennton. He and Allan were friends and had no secrets from one other. At least none that counted. Now … they did have a secret between them, but neither one of them wanted this secret out. The fact that Allan was MR. MINUS was something they had both sworn to secrecy years ago. Even Kelli Door didn't know. And she was the romantic interest of both men. They often had friendly rivalry arguments over her.
Kelli Door was slender, but well built; tall at five feet, eight inches; shapely at 135 pounds, and was very athletic. She is an ace Crime reporter for the Pennton World Daily Newspaper, where Allan also worked. She enjoyed the rivalry between Ed and Allan.
Patterned Mr. Minus after Captain Zero, there have been numerous  stories so far.
The Night of Invisible Danger CLASSIC PULP FFICTION STORIES #2
Mr. Minus Speaks WEIRD STORIES #1
The Day Mr. Minus Disappeared WEIRD STORIES #4
Mr. Minus Takes A Vacation DOUBLE DANGER TALES #40
The Beginning* TALES OF MASK & MAYHEM #2
Mr. Minus Takes A Vacation TALES OF MASK & MAYHEM #3
(*Re-title of The Origin Of Mr. Minus.) 

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