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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Fox

The Fox

Creator: Marilyn Morey
Kit Volpe
Ichikuro Komoyuki
Justin Hawthorne
Jack Blacker

Based in Orlando, Florida, the Fox made her debut in “Trouble Times Three”, where she teamed up with Debra DeLorme’s The Scarecrow in an operation to take down one of the Corona's hierarchy members known only as Emerald.  Little is known of her origins, though she does make mention in her first story that she once worked for the villains she now fights, ending with “I didn't know there were children until it was too late.  That's when I decided to stop their kind”.  Making that decision, she began training with Ichikuro Komoyuki in martial arts. 
The Black Orchid is a prominent nightclub in Orlando that is both a local and tourist destination as it hearkens back to the clubs of the 1930's, from appearance to songs.  Her home base is referred to as the Fox's Den and is equipped with state-of-the-art computers, lab and so on.  Her organization is small, but loyal, and serves not only the Fox but her alter ego at the nightclub.  She tends to run a for-hire business but has worked in conjunction with the FBI on cases. 
Kit Volpe - The Fox has dark red hair with deep green eyes, and is petite.  As Kit, she's a blues and torch singer.  As the Fox, she dresses as a ninja.  Her weapons are primarily those generally used in martial arts, such as sai, sword and throwing stars, but she's also a crack shot and will carry a gun if the mission calls for it. 
Justin Hawthorne is an ex-Texas Ranger, now serving as the FBI director in the Orlando region and is the Fox's federal contact.  Despite his origins, he doesn't have a Texas accent.  He hangs around the Orchid during his off duty hours, and hires the Fox when the case calls for a touch that isn't in the FBI rulebooks. 
Ichikuro Komoyuki is Kit's sensei and father figure.  He works as a bouncer at the Orchid.  Bonsai master.  He perished at the end of “Trouble Times Three”. 
Jack Blacker is a computer hacker, communications expert, and so on. 
Pete works as the bartender at the Black Orchid.  Primarily, he is the go-to guy when it comes to transportation and he's good at procuring things, such as telephone company uniforms.
There were only two stories in the series.
“Trouble Times Three”, with Debra Delorme & Scarecrow DOUBLE DANGER TALES #18 & 19
“The Chinese Connection”  DOUBLE DANGER TALES #24 & 25*
(*Also reprinted in TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM V#2)

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  1. "The Chinese Connection" was reprinted in Tales of Masks and Mayhem v2