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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Super Incorporated


Creator: Brian Barr
Brian Surgeon (Antagonist)
Principle Mind (Antagonist)
The Saints of Death (Villains)
Mont E. Cartoon (Villain)
Master Gepetto (Villain)
The Stoic (Crusader)
 The Shekinah (Crusader)
Ghost Lady (Crusader)
Horrid Hag (Crusader)
The Gambler (Crusader)

Brian Barr’s Psychological Revenge: A Super Incorporated Novel
         Hello. My name is Brian Barr and I’m an American author of novels, short stories, and comic books.
Recently, J. Ellington Ashton Press published my second book, Psychological Revenge: A Super Inc. Novel. This short pulp novel revolves around two antagonists, Brain Surgeon and Principle Mind, who must be stopped by Super Incorporated, a crime fighting team assembled and owned by the government.
         Super Incorporated exist in a future, centuries down the line, where vigilantism has been outlawed, and all crusaders must be licensed by the government. Crusaders can only work for government-owned agencies. Super Incorporated is the most renowned and respected crusader team in Capital City of Sector E3 (a world-state that consists of the Americas, Europe, and parts of the Middle East). Their team consists of five members: The Stoic, The Shekinah, Ghost Lady, Horrid Hag, and The Gambler. Together, Super Inc. fights against supercriminals, criminals deemed too troublesome or powerful for law enforcement and the military to handle. In order to fight crime, Super Inc. must get authorization from the government, and going beyond their jurisdiction would result in heavy penalties and consequences.
         In this first novel, Super Inc. goes against Brain Surgeon, a psychotic extraterrestrial who feeds on mental energy, and Principle Mind, a misanthropic telekinetic and electrokinetic who hates humanity. An intense rivalry brews between these villains, and Super Inc. must stop the both of them before their feud destroys Capital City. Other villains get tangled in the rivaling supercriminals’ affairs, from the violent crime syndicate known as The Saints of Death, to the paranoid-schizophrenic cartoonist Mont E. Cartoon and the mad robotist Master Gepetto.
         Along with being introduced to these characters in the Super Inc. universe, Psychological Revenge also familiarizes readers with the world these characters exist in. From the corporate regulations imposed by the government that Super Incorporated has to followed, to the complexities of Capital City, an advanced megacity that stretches from what was once Maine to the Floridian peninsula, the novel portrays a world that has changed drastically from the one we know now. The results of a failed one-world government, which has produced five independently-ran but connected world-states, allows readers to understand Super Inc.’s environment. It’s a complex environment, strange and far-removed from nature with mass urbanization, class divide, and immense crime. It’s a world where heroism and action is heavily limited, where crusaders can only do the right thing if approved by the forces who rule them… or else.
         Thank you for reading this essay. Please check out Psychological Revenge!
         One novel has been released, but more are in the works.

Psychological Revenge: A Super Inc. Novel (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
Psychological Revenge on Amazon, Kindle and Paperback:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Hood

The Hood

Creator: Wayne Greenbaugh
Thanet Blake (P.I.)
Capt. Sebastian Holt (Police)
Dr. Gannon (Medic)
Jake Slippery (Shyster Lawyer)
Aphrodite Morgano (ex-girlfriend)
Starla Smith (current girlfriend)
Isis Jones (weird woman)

Who is the hooded person the city knows as The Hood? All that’s known is the vigilante appeared after the death of a policeman rumored to be on the take. The Hood wears all black, including a hood. Blue eyes are all that’s visible. 6-foot, slim build, moves with feline grace, uses martial arts to take out four men at once.
Captain Sebastian Holt, the head detective, wants the vigilante brought to justice, and hires private detective Thanet Blake to use his underworld connections to discover The Hood’s identity.
Rumpatt is an old friend of Blake’s. A Vietnam veteran, he married Lotus before the war ended and they were separated. He’s trying to bring her over now. A bit weird, he dresses like Flash Gordon, and watches Saturday Matinee serials.
Isis Jones lives in the apartment next to Blake’s office, and owns the building. She has a shooting range in her room where she target practices with two .38 revolvers on targets attached to hay bails. She goes out at all hours of the night.
Starla Smith is Blake’s current flame, but they break up in this story.
Aphrodite Morgano was Blake’s girlfriend two decades previous when he was 18 and she was 24. Now she may be back.
Although Thanet Blake has been in many stories to-date, there has only been one story featuring The Hood (or Hooded Person).

“The Hooded Person” (2016) Devine Destinies

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Apparition


Creator: Wayne Greenough
Bryan Sloane
David Stryker
Police Lieutenant Jackson McCoy
Edgar Wells
Mike Johnson
Alicia Johnson
Mr. Know
Professor Mobous Proctorius

The Apparition: A figure appeared in the doorway. The hooded shape in black wore a menacing hood, and a blood-curdling laugh chilled the bones of room’s occupants, and chiseled fear into their faces.
            Mobsters brought .45 automatics up to confront the intruder, and the room filled with gun smoke, the hooded figure firing a pair of old-fashioned six-shooters.
            When it was over, one dying hood gasped, “I shot you three times … you’re not human.”
            “I was once. Not anymore,” The Apparition said.
Bryan Sloane is a young billionaire. He had killed Nick Putty Stryker, the son of mob boss, David Stryker, in a fistfight. Attired in all black, suit, shirt, fedora and gloves, he was almost invisible at night. His automobile, a powerful Daimler, is also black. Behind the steering wheel, Sloane pressed a secret button, and a small compartment opened revealing a black costume and a black hood. The ominous darkness of the night was joined by Sloane’s laughter.
Police Lieutenant Jackson McCoy is a long time acquaintance of Sloane.
Professor Mobous Proctorius is an experimental scientist. The scientific community mocks his inventions. His nicknames among the scientific establishment are Mad Scientist, Crank, and Insane Madman, to name a few. He had turned Bryan Sloane into a zombie-like slave, but when the chemical wears off, Mobous is forced to kill the billionaire.

Jordan is Sloane’s butler, a giant of a man, but suffers from ulcers.
Edgar Wells is about 35. The death of his wife leaves him a wreck; now The Apparition wants Edgar to work for him. He is to care for, and assist Alicia.
Mike Johnson was the original Apparition. He was shot down, and died in the streets.
Alicia Johnson, Mike’s granddaughter was helping him walk the day he was killed, and she was gunned down, her spine shattered. She now must live in a wheelchair. She is a lovely young woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Mr. Know always wears a gray suit; shirt, tie, socks, and shoes. He has piercing blue eyes, and pure white hair. Perhaps an angel, he offers a favor for a favor.
I’m not going to identify The Apparition, as I’m sure the author plans to build on the characters in future stories. I’ll just say there were numerous plots and character twists in the story, but with a little thought you should be able to make the right choice.
There has only been one story so for:

“The Apparition” (Devine Destinies) February 14, 2016.

Thursday, October 22, 2015



Creator: Richard Hughes
Author: Michael Vance
Greta Hoffmeyer (Tzeitl Katzenberger)
Typhoid Mary (From Typhoon Mary)
The Admiral (James Bridges)
Amy Smith
Jack Flash
Alphonso Longfellow
Hank Catchum (The Hack)
Dr. Joseph Eacobacci
Dr. Max Riegelmann
Hanz Shroeder
Lt. Sam Manning
Ben Alashee
Carlos Valentine
Giovanni “Hammer” DeSalvio
Ben Aloshee

Greta Hoffmeyer is the top agent of the counter-espionage Ballensschlange, known as Cobra. She is a woman whose long, blonde hair cascaded to perfect, gently rounded shoulders. Her large, deep blue eyes penetrated to the depths of your soul. She has high, rosy cheekbones, and flawless almond skin, and full strawberry lips. Her jaw was heart shaped. Greta was the top agent of the counter-espionage unit, Ballensschlange, known as COBRA. Her real name is Tzeitl Katzenberger. Because of her many were tortured and murdered by the Gestapo.
Snake: She stood, legs spread apart like ramparts, wearing a black unbuttoned overcoat that fell to her ankles. It fluttered open with the wind. She spoke like the hissing of a snake. Her balled fist rested on her ample hips, her head tilted back and she laughed like a man. A dark blue material open between her breasts, held closed by leather drawstrings, accented her torso. Leather flames of lighter blue rose up from her waist and spread to her ribs, and what looked like fish or snake scales were embossed in the bustier. Leather armlets covered her forearms up to, but just short of her elbows, and were also laced closed. Her black leather tights ended in boots, which ended just above her calves. In her left hand, she held a five-foot long quarterstaff that ended in something resembling a snakehead. Coiled on her left hip was attached a blacksnake whip, and she has dart gun. Long brown hair, restless in the wind, danced like leaves blown in the wind. Her face was hidden by an expressionless Kabuki mask, almond smooth, with the image of a cobra coiled around her left eye down her cheek to the tip of her chin. She speaks in riddles, quoting famous and infamous people. She refuses to kill. She is perhaps seeking redemption from her evil days as a Nazi spy during WWII. Now in America, in the early 50s, her goal is to stop crime, and protect the innocent.
Typhoid Mary: A drunk had called her “Typhoon” Mary, because she moved like a fierce storm when in action. She was built like a wooden beer keg dressed in a floral shift. Brown hair cut short in a man’s crew cut. Ruby-red lips, and her cheeks heavily rouged. Her uneven teeth were brown from tobacco stains. She is the madam of The Lonely Hearts Club, a brothel. Mary is also an operative of Snake.
Amy Smith is Typhoid Mary’s daughter, but not a prostitute. She works as a police dispatcher in the 9th Precinct. She wore a starched, off-white, long-sleeved blouse decorated with the appropriate police badge and stripes. The dark-blue, pleated khaki pants spoke of neatness, not the disaster that was her life. She is thirty-one, with bleached blonde hair that has dark roots. Her large, deep-blue eyes, high cheekbones with flawless skin and full lips are completely opposite of her mother’s image. Her jaw is heart-shaped. She is also an operative of Snake.
James Bridges, nicknamed The Admiral, is a blind black man. He was dressed in a second-hand wrinkled suit that had once been black and creased, with cuffed pants. His close-cropped hair was sprinkled with gray, his mustache unevenly trimmed. He lives in the flophouse at 241 Bowery, The Sunshine Hotel, and carries a tin cane, as he walks the streets with a cane. He was once known as The Preacher. He is also an operative of Snake.
Herman Jones, nicknamed Jack Flash is a Korean War veteran. Both legs were blown off in North Korea. The left side of his face was crushed and poorly repaired. His left eye was larger than his right, and his dirty, stringy hair hung from beneath a nautical cap to his shoulders. Now he scoots along the street on a square of plywood on tiny wheels, begging for handouts. He appears mentally damaged, and words he speaks are not true words. But he is also an operative of Snake.
Alphonse Longfellow is a tall individual dressed like a cheap burlesque magician. He is also of the streets, and may have once been a magician. He, too, is an operative of Snake.
Hank Catchum, The Hack, drives a taxi. Also a Korean War veteran, he has a steel plate in his head. He now serves Snake as a chauffeur in his rundown taxi.
Jason Aldridge was a five foot six police officer, intelligent and brave, he graduated with honors, and one of the best shots on the police force. Snake accidentally kills him when a crook dodged a dart meant for him, and struck the cop in the eye.
Sam Manning, a police officer with the 9th Precinct.
Doctor Joseph Eacobacci’s daughter was kidnapped, but rescued by Snake. Now he wants to treat the woman he thinks is crazy. He is a huge man, standing six foot four, and weighing 300 pounds. He looked more like a stevedore or lumberjack. He could have even been a dockworker or professional wrestler than a successful psychologist. He has brown hair, and a Fu Manchu mustache that hung halfway down his throat. He carries a pearl-handled revolver. Whether he wanted to or not, he becomes an operative of Snake.
Leo Rosenbaum is a reporter for the Tog Morgan Zhurnal (The Morning Journal). He is a slight man, with narrow shoulders, and wire-rimmed glasses. His neatly parted and groomed hair did nothing to enhance his nondescript face. The long face looked like Groucho Marx, sans mustache, though his physical appearance was not unpleasant. Whether he wanted to or not, he becomes an operative of Snake.
Annabel Rosenbaum is Leo’s wife. While under the protection of Snake, she is badly beaten. Snake has her removed to Typhoid Mary’s brothel for better protection.
Dan is a big, tough bartender at Sammy’s Bowery Follies, a bar in the Bowery. He works for Snake as an operative.
Carlos Valentine is a lieutenant of the DeSalvio mob. He has close-set eyes, a cauliflowered left ear, and slicked back black hair.
Giovanni “The Hammer” DeSalvio is the head of the DeSalvio crime family. He looked like a harried middle-aged store clerk. His hair is brown, cut short, and crested with a substantial cowlick. His right hand is a prosthetic, flesh colored, and forever clinched.
Snake’s Nest of Vipers: The apartment is in the flophouse, The Sunshine Hotel. In a small room, a four by six cubical really, they called pigeon coops. They sat on the edge of the mattress and pushed a hidden button on the wall, then the bed began to sink. They descended into a fully furnished apartment. A wall papered with rich floral design was to the right. On a chest-of-drawers an Art Deco picture frame held a photograph of two little girls – all pony tails, ribbons, and smiles. On the wall behind the chest-of-drawers was mounted a group of four Chinese masks made of porcelain – a laughing blue Kabuki mask, a yellow Kabuki mask of fear, blue one of sorrow, and a white one of indifference – a Kabuki mask identical to the one Snake wore when in full regalia. A small phonograph player was next to the chest-of-drawers, its dark cherry-wood lid opened with a record ready to play. Against the wall to the left was an upright piano, where Alfonso Longfellow’s slim fingers glided over the keys. The melancholy chords of Beethoven’s Fur Elise swelled up to fill the apartment.
One novel has been released so far, SNAKE: Nest of Vipers, published by Airship 27 (2015)