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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dr. Shadows


Creator: Teel James Glenn
Anton Chadeaux (Granite Man)
Slugger Harris
Ki Nam Hoon
Han “Hank” Ku Lee (special friend)
Chelsey (?)
Akimi Oyama (College sweetheart)
Retsudo Oyami (Brother of Akimi and Yakuza Boss)

Anton Chadeaux is the son of an oil speculator who traveled the globe to many far-flung wildcat projects. He was something of a wastrel as a youth, a playboy in college who even dabbled in stage magic in his school days, which is where he used the stage name ‘Dr. Shadows.’ After college, when he accompanied his parents on a plane trip to Northern Korea on the Chinese border, the plane was shot down by Chinese bandits in the employ of the Japanese. Chadeaux’s parents were murdered by the bandits after the crash while the paralyzed young man was left for dead. He was found by monks from the hidden Wei Monastery, where the monks immersed him in herbal baths for years that bleached his skin to a pale grey. They nursed him back to health. They first taught him to focus his mind with the ancient art of Sulsa Do that allowed him to re-claim his physical self from the shattered wretch he had been after the crash. After five years, the first three of them completely paralyzed and near death, and then, as his flesh recovered, living a monk’s existence of meditation, fasting, and rigid discipline, he is re- forged to be a master of the ancient art, giving him abilities beyond the common. Now a young man of thirty, and with the guidance of the Abbot, and the treasure of the monastery at his command, he leaves those remote Korean mountains a new, better, and stronger man. A man with a purpose; to help the helpless and be the last hope of the hopeless. He gathers around him a small group of likeminded friends and The Shadows Foundation for Justice is formed. Thus also is born, the granite man, the grey wolf of justice that the world comes to know as the archenemy of evil, Dr. Shadows!
Anton Chadeaux Phd, or otherwise known as Dr. Shadows, was an unusual figure. Handsome and muscular, he wore a perfectly tailored grey suit, sans hat. He would have been the image of health save for a grey pallor to his skin that earned him the other nickname, “the granite man.”
Ki Nam Hoon: Dr. Hoon was from North Korea, broad faced, raw boned and big; taller than most men on the streets of New York. He looked like the peasant he was, still dressing in the long blue robe and loose quilted pants of his mountainous home.
Slugger Harris: A little badger of a man, and co-owner of the Combination Club, is a tough little bantamweight boxer.
Han “Hank” Ku Lee: Her black hair framed an angular face and had an eye-patch over her left eye. Her right eye blazed with the fury that made it easy to imagine her fighting as the granite man’s back up.
There have been several short story/novelettes over the years.
Reserved For Heroes                      CPFS #4 (9/95)                               
The Height of Arrogance                WS #1 (10/96)                               
Shadows of New York                    Books For A Buck (2011)
The World of Dr. Shadows                                                                       
The Height of Arrogance                                                                           
The Devil’s Tiger                                                                                       
The Scent of Victory                                                                                  
The Chinese Box Mystery
Destiny’s Child                                                                                                                   
Year of Shadows                              Pro Se Press(3/2018)        
The Eye of Darkness                                                                                 
A Personal Demon                                                                                     
Forbidden City Blues                                                                                
Grave Mistake                                                                                             
Isle Macabre                                                                                                

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Man of The Mist


Creator: Darryle Purcell
Ralph Thorn
Ayida Patel
Moxie Malone
Thomas Walker
Hal Wesley
Lon Graham
Jack Slocum (Mayor)
Inspector Farmisht
Detective O’Reilly
Professor Makarios Plecetus
Robert Proboscis (Gangster)
Billy Bannocci (Owner of the Kit Kat Club)
The Banshee (?)

Ralph Thorn and Ayida Patel were imprisoned in cells on the Amazon River while competitors took their place in industries. Ayida, a voodoo priestess understands mind control, and teaches the technique to Thorn. They fall in love and become lovers, and eventually escape from prison; but Ayida is struck by a poisoned dart and falls into the river to be eaten by piranhas, the cannibal fish of the Amazon. Unable to save her, Thorn’s boat is carried on downstream.
Man of The Mist: Thorn yanked the edge of his rain jacket up in front of his face like it was a cape, his eyes piercing out from under the brim of his fedora. He started a slow humming sound, which changed to a hiss as a swirling gray mist began to surround his vanishing form.
Thomas Walker is the editorial cartoonist for the News Tribune. His political cartoons anger the mob and people in office. He’s the first to be killed by the bat beasts.
Moxie Malone is the blond-headed secretary for Thorn Industries, as well as love interest for Ralph Thorn, plus knows his secret identity as the Man of The Mist.
Lon Graham is the publisher of the News Tribune. Hal Wesley is the editor of the newspaper.
The police officials are Inspector Farmisht and Detective O’Reilly.
Clyde is a 12-year-old boy that runs the local newsstand, and witnesses the murder of Thomas Walker.
There has only been one novel so far in the series.

“Trail of The Bat-Beasts” (2017) Independent Publishing Platform

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Velvet Wasp


Creator: H David Blalock
Diane Green (Jane Smith – alias. Charlene is stage name)
Walter Evanston (The Angel Club owner)
Vincent Salvatori (The Angel Club manager)
Vic Anderson (Music Conductor)
Adele Fornost (Diane’s room mate)
Captain Sheridan
Sergeant Miller
Marlene Fornost (Adele’s twin sister)
The Outlanders (Local Mob)
Sir (Runs the Mob)
Michael Kravitz (Assistant D.A.)
Edgar Juness (Mayor)
Elaine Juness (Mayor’s wife)
Tom Carlton (Mob muscle)
Nicholas (Doorman)
Mike (Elevator Operator)
Jonathan Morgan
Hercules Hathaway (Local city vigilante)

Crime is rampant in Olympus City, and dominated by corrupt officials and a local mob called the Outlanders. Diane Green, a flaming redhead, sings at the Angel Club under the stage name of Charlene. When her roommate is murdered and Diane discovers diamonds hidden in Adele’s powder compact, she suspects the Outlanders murdered her, and wants revenge. She is a Texas farm girl, and has always taken matters into her own hands. She decides Charlene must disappear, and becomes the Velvet Wasp.
The Velvet Wasp wears a red velvet outfit, hostess pants with black lace trim, a brimless cloche hat over her newly brunette Charleston Cut. To hide her identity she added a Mardi Gras mask. At first her weapon of choice is a .32 Savage. In the second story, the gun was changed to a Berreta Model 1920 automatic. In the third story she carries a .25 caliber Model 1908, which replaced her Model 1930 (?). In the third story she also carries an air piston that fires tranquilizer pellets – her sting. By the 4th story we learn that she had trained in jiu-jitsu, karate, and learned the pressure points to render someone unconscious. Being a Texas farm girl she could lift her own weight, and hold her breath for nearly three minutes. Her outfit now contains not just folds for her equipment, but panel pockets; she also carries a police slapjack to knock crooks out.
Walter Evanston is the Angel Club’s owner, and the Velvet Wasp’s assistant and lover. The wall by his bedroom door contains a hidden recess; he tapped a button beside a medieval portrait and part of the wall parted, revealing an opening six feet across. The secret panel contained pistols, revolvers, sabers, epees, a couple flintlocks, and several smaller hand weapons.
Police officers Captain Sheridan and Sergeant Miller are really only present in the first story, and they are revealed to be under the pay of the Outlanders.
Hercules Hathaway is mentioned in most of the stories, but never makes an appearance. He is the local hero that usually protects Olympus City. Maybe he will appear in a future story.
There are four stories in this first volume, and they take place between 1927 and 1934: O Death, Where Is Thy Sting; Stinging Nettle Tea; The Sting of The Saboteur; The Sting of The Lash.
“The Velvet Wasp” (Pro Se Press) 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Vigilantes


Creator: Trish Heinrich
Alice Seymour (The Serpent)
Marco Meyer (Shadow Master)
Lionel (American Steel)
Victoria Veran
Aunt Diane Miller
Uncle Logan Miller
Mrs. Frost
Rose Allen
Gerald Allen
Detective Garrick
Jamison (Former D.A.)
Phantasm (Who is Phantasm?)

The Serpent: The top of the dress looked like a thick, stiff, long sleeved shirt with a hood attached at the back; it was heavy but not cumbersome. It was actually two pieces; an under shirt and a vest. The vest was a protection from knives, but wouldn’t stop bullets. Both are reinforced leather specially treated, making it strong, but light. The hood was actually a cowl; the pattern of a snakehead covered the mask, except for eye slots. The shirt and cowl was a dark green so it looked black. The pattern was a dark purple, curving sensually from her head over her right shoulder and down across her chest, as if a snake was wound around her body. The tight pants were the same dark green, with reinforced leather. The continuation of the snake pattern ran down to her right hip, across her right thigh and to the left thigh, then down her shin and ankle. She wore knee high black boots. She wore a fingerless glove of the same color and material, it went up her forearm to just under the elbow. The top looked like the chamber of a gun. This held a clip of small needles, each with enough anesthesia to knock out a full-grown man. She also wore hip holsters containing dark purple batons, and winding along the length of each was a purple snake. The Serpent rides a Vincent Black Lightning motorcycle.
Shadow Master: Lanky, broad shoulders, and thick brown hair, he wore brass knuckles embedded in gloves on each hand, and was dressed in a dark blue dress shirt and matching pants, which were tucked into brown combat boots. He wore a custom fit mask, and an ephemeral cloak of shadow twining itself around him like a living thing, disappearing into the darkness around him. A smoky gray leather duster topped off the suit.
American Steel wore a gray domino mask – this was updated later into a blue leather cowl that concealed his light golden hair, as well as his identity. A dark gray turtleneck shirt and pants was his original outfit. Later, his suit became a nylon that clung to his muscled body. The cowl attached to a blue shirt, and now he wears dark red pants, and off-white knee-high boots. To match the boots he now wore off-white fingerless gloves. He is big, can heal his injuries in minutes, jump three flights into the air, and is the strongest man alive.
Alice Seymour was raised in the home with a drunkard father that beat her and her mother. She always tried to escape into her tree house with the aide of her two friends, Marco and Lionel. When her mother is killed during a robbery, her aunt, Diane Miller and her husband Logan take her in to their home. Her father ends up in jail. Little does she know that Aunt Diane had once been a superhero, highly trained in the martial arts.
Logan Miller, Diane’s husband is a reporter with the Chronicle, and has calloused boxing hands. He’s also trying to uncover the syndicate operating in Jet City.
Gerald Allen is a doctor with a special power of healing. His daughter, Rose Allen is also special, a genius in mechanics and invention.
Mrs. Frost is now old, and uses a cane to get around, but she had been the first Serpent in Jet City. Taught by a master of the martial arts, she protected the city until too old to continue. She ten selected Diane Miller as her replacement, teaching her the skills she would need as the vigilante. Mrs. Frost, Diane Miller, and Logan Miller are trying to uncover the mastermind running the local crime syndicate.
Only two novels published so far.
“Serpent’s Sacrifice” (September 2017) Beautiful Fire Pub
“Serpent’s Rise” (November 2017) Beautiful Fire Pub

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Ghost


Creator: Charles Sherrod, Jr.
Doctor Gordon Vincent
Tonya Jenni Maxwell
Alice Chen
Phyllis Schultz (Reporter)
Rachel Wells (Prosecutor)
Commissioner Greene
Judd Fields (Police Chief)
Sgt. Jim Peters
Charly Daniels
Big Danny Kane (Mob Boss)
The Hangman
The Priest

Doctor Gordon Vincent is now in his early 60s. Tonya Maxwell, who is his maid and associate, cares for Vincent. She is aware of his dual personality, as doctor and avenger.
The Ghost is wrapped in a dark cloak, swirling around him, almost like it was alive. There is a pair of oval white lights where his eyes should be, and a large fedora is placed on top of his head, and a slick mask covers his face.
Alice Chen begins as a detective, but takes over as police chief when Judd Fields is killed. She has a son, and the boy mentions his dad once, but we never see him or hear any more about him. Chen is The Ghost’s contact in the police department.
Phyllis Schultz is a reporter, and we expect big things from her, but she disappears from the story line mysteriously (as if the author forgot her).
Charly (sometimes spelled Charley) was once the love interest of Doctor Vincent, but we know nothing about her.
Commissioner Greene and Rachel Wells make one appearance and are gone, with not as much attention as was given to Phyllis Schultz.
Some of the villains were interesting. The Hangman, The Priest, and Big Danny Kane, but none last long.
There are six novelettes published in one book.
“The Ghost Returns” (2015)