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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Henchmen


Creator: Eric Lahti
Jean (killed in story)
Jessica Hayha
Delano Hayha
Wilford Allan Saxton

A group of bad guys against the crooked government.
Eve: She is 7 feet tall, blonde, and dangerous, as well as the leader. She can bend rebar with her bare hands, and can probably drink minor gods under the table.
Jacob: Wears Motorhead T-shirts and ripped jeans, rides a motorcycle named Becky. A sizable belly, and a hairy version of Santa Claus’s laugh. 
Steve: Narrated the story. At one time he worked for Homeland Security. Uses Kempo tactics.
Frank & Jean are gay men, both wear suits. Frank has more fashion sense. Frank is medium build, medium height, medium brown hair, and brown eyes. Jean is short, with dark hair, and slightly chunkier build than Frank. Jean is killed in story.
Jessica Hayha: Am hourglass figure, lightly tanned, her muscles ripple as she moves; strong mentally and physically. Trained in savate, the French martial arts of kickboxing.
Wilford Allan Saxton: Typical all-American. He's after the Henchmen. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and played sports; worships the Christian God, and always follows orders without question. Works for a branch of Homeland Security. Killed several times but always returns. Is given his own series with The Complete Saxton, February 2017.
Dreamer: The god of dreams. Was captured by government agents and held captive, hoping to use him as a super weapon. The Henchmen rescue him and he destroys congress.
There have been three novels featuring them so far.
Henchmen #1 (Nov 2013)
Arise #2 (Nov 2014)
Transmute #3 (Jan 2017)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cliff Lords


Creator: SLF Entertainment* (*Sharda Ferrell)
Dallas Wise (Elder Lord)
Raren Lords
Biko West
Damarion Grove (Damar The Dice)
Redaisha Knight (Red Knight)
Jetson Padron (Padron)
Africa Evans (African Diamond)
Che’la Bureau (Queen Che’la Bu)

Red Knight: She was dressed in a dark red bodysuit. Her red boots made her legs appear longer. She wore spike heels. Red could change moods and kill on sight.
Damarion (Damar The Dice) could turn his pocket knife into multiple knives. He was a silent killer, slicing and dicing.
Jetson (Padron) could blow up the enemy. He kept our timing right and could set a bomb off.
Queen Che’la Bu was our eyes.
Africa (African Diamond) was our ears.
Biko’s produces a protective sphere for their safety.
Dallas Wise has the magic of invisibility

Head Lords are powerful. They keep us safe. They govern us all.
Armor Lords are protectors of the world. They live outside the Earth.
Raren Lords are the battle ready fighters, each with their own super abilities.
            There has only been one novelette so far, and this one introduces the main characters.

“Cliff Lords: Weapons of Disaster” (Feb 8, 2019) Independent Publishing Platform.

Sunday, January 27, 2019



Creator: G. AM Morris
Chow Lei (Miao-Shan)
Master Sung
Wang Deshi
Aunty Min (Dress Maker)
Moshan Liaoren (Orphanage Nun)
Aunty Ah-Lam (Cousin)
Aunty Hai-Ying (Cousin)
Po Po (Grandmother)
Colonel David Reese-Jones (British retired, explosive expert)
Yen-Lo-Wang (Triad Leader)
Shen (Mysterious assassin/guarding Triad leader)

Chow Lei had witnessed the triads murder her mother and father when she was ten years old. She went to live with her grandmother Po Po, but joins a kung fu school, where she is a quick learner. Master Sung suggest she attend the Shaolin Temple in China, and she is sent there to study. Again, she learns quickly, mastering the 18 kung fu styles by age 18. She returns to Hong Kong to be with her grandmother, only to learn that the triads had murdered Po Po also. Now using the name Miao-Shan she returns to Master Sung’s kung fu school and is told where she might purchase a sword.
Whispering Wind is the sword she is given, and it gives her immortality, eternl youth, superhuman speed and strength. The sword maker, Wang Deshi joins her in her fight against evil.
Miao-Shan is now a goddess, and much offer compassion before death. Inheriting her grandmother’s possessions, she is now a beautiful young millionaire. Becoming a rich heiress by day, and black-clad deliverer of justice by night.
Wang Deshi uses two swords, one he calls head chaser, the other tail chaser.
With some of her money, Miao-Shan starts an orphanage and hires a Nun, Moshan Liaoren to run it for her.
There are several Triads in Hong Kong and China: Celestial Body Society, The Three Harmonies Society, The White Lotus Society, and The Righteous Harmony Society.
Shen is a mysterious assassin/guard for the head of the Triads. He belongs to an ancient group more power than Ninjas, but no name is mentioned.
There’s only been one novel so far, but a second novel is in the works.

“Miao-Shan: The Awakening” (January 2019)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Black Dove


Creator: Mallon Khan
Edmund White (White Falcon)
Malcolm White (Black Dove)
Lt. Greg Wells (Sparrow)
Nasir Dajani (Gray Crow)
Det. Cynthia Rodriquez
Det. Steven Chang
Jessica Morris (Prostitute)
Hisa (Japanese woman)

In 1980 a supposed Satanists group tortures a prostitute in a curse to bring forth a Demon. White Falcon learns of this and invades the staged set where a demon appears and kills the hero. Malcolm White, the adopted son of Edmund’s and his protégé, Black Dove escapes. Two decades later, the Disciples of Baphomet are being murdered, and Cynthia Rodriquez, the daughter of Victor Rodriquez, a cop killed in the 1980 incident wants to investigate the new crimes.
            Black Dove: The black-clad assailant retracts and sheaths his steel baton. Though the doorman was much larger, the slim intruder was more nimble. It was his crash helmet and goggles Joe mistook for a bird’s face. Though the effect was intentional, with the padded tactical armor, backpack and the way his head peeks out of the high collar of his vintage leather motorcycle jacket, he looks more like a mix between a riot cop and a cowboy.
            The stealthy attacker relieves Joe of his handgun and heads for the exit. In a series of swift movements he dismantles the weapon and tosses the parts in a festering toilet. Cracking the door a bit, the invader peeks out at the secret event in progress and adjusts the dial on his sleek night vision goggles to zoom in on the congregation.
            There’s only one novel so far.
“The Legend of Black Dove” (2018)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Wraith

(The Dread Avenger)

Creator: Frank Dirscherl
Paul Sanderson (First Wraith)
Michael Reeve (Second Wraith)
Leena Patterson (Lover of Michael Reeve)
Max Horton (Aid to The Wraith)
Judy Hess (Lover of Paul Sanderson)
Jonathan Simpson (Butler & Aid to Sanderson)
Robert Lathan (Crime Lord, Metro City)
Charley Grieco (2nd In Command to Lathan)
General Abdelkrim (African Military Gang Lord)

Paul Sanderson, of Metro, is a spoiled rich kid reaching for attention from his mother and father and can’t find it. As an adult he sets out to travel the world looking for his place in it. Almost dying in the African desert, he is saved by a native who tells him there is an ancient prophesy about a white man coming who will save the world, and Paul is the fulfillment of that prophesy. He is taken to a mountaintop where an old man trains him for his coming place in history as the Wraith. But it goes deeper than this. If Paul dies, he is to pass on the power to someone else.
That power is passed on to the second Wraith, Michael Reeve, a Metro police officer.
The outfit is comfortable, as well as protective. It’s reinforced with Kevlar and tear resistant. If it doesn’t stop a bullet, it will slow it down, and is resistant to most blades. The cape is tougher and will reflect anything but high-powered bullets. His belt has pouched that hold all manner of objects, including gas grenades and other essentials needed in his warfare with the underworld. The cowl resembled the mask Zorro wore, made of heavy duty rubber with a knot at the back.
            There has only been the prose origin story published to-date, though evidently several comic books published featuring the character of The Wraith.
“Sanderson of Metro” (Trinity Comics) Oct 25, 2017 (With Bobby Nash)

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Midnight Guardian


Creator: John C. Bruening
Jack Hunter (Asst. D.A.)
Frank “Buzz” Hunter (Jack’s cousin)
Ed Gallagher (D.A.)
Betty Carlyle (D.A. secretary)
Sam Tagert (Chief of Police)
Lt. Mike Dugan (Chief of Detectives)
Bart Maxwell (Tribune Reporter)
Dan “Doc” Kendall (Pharmacist)
Stephen Bentley (Mayor)
Hank Cremshaw (Fire Chief)
Nicholas Diamond (Mob Boss)
Vinnie Marshall (Nicky’s childhood friend)
Luke Simone (Mob lieutenant)
Johnny Kawalski (Mob driver and gunman)
Dominic LoCastro (Mob Lawyer)
Anthony Reynolds (Judge – in pocket of the mob)
Oliver Pruett (Sparks – explosive expert)

It’s 1936, and after more than a decade, Nicky Diamond is out of prison and back in Union City. He had tried to take over the town during Prohibition, but a police officer had stopped his men before they killed him. Now that police officer’s son, Jack Hunter, is the Assistant D.A., and he wants to put a stop to the crime lord for good. The police have proven ineffective against the mob boss, and the D.A.’s office needs proof to put Diamond back behind bars.
Jack and his cousin, Buzz Hunter have always been good at making things and working with equipment, and Buzz has invented a battery operated mask with goggles that gives the wearer heightened abilities, such as seeing in the dark, able to anticipate movements, and the ability to move faster than normal, and react with lightning reflexes. Jack tries them on one night and is impressed. Now maybe he can do something the police can’t do, like get evidence.
Wearing the headset with goggles and a leather jacket, Jack Hunter becomes the Midnight Guardian. He rides a Henderson motorcycle he has engineered for high speed.
Oliver Pruett is working with the police to identify the explosives used by Nicky Diamond, while really working for the Mob Boss as Sparks. However, the supposed duel role does not escape the reader.
So far there has only been one novel published.

“Hour of Darkness” (Flinch Books) 2016