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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Imposter

The Impostor
(The image above is the work of artist Jamie Stubkjaer.)

Creator: Richard Lee Byers
Matt Brown
Sally Hollingsworth
Gwen Porter
The WMBs:
Death Metal
Zhang Sanfeng
Sweet Lady Q

Matt Brown lived in a world of superheroes and supervillains, of monsters and sentient computers, but none of that had anything to do with him...until the wasp-like aliens called the Shenn invaded Earth, killed the heroes, and set about colonizing the planet.
By chance, Matt fell heir to the devices that gave two of the fallen heroes their amazing abilities. The costume of the ghostly vigilante known as Dr. Umbra allows the wearer to become invisible and intangible and fire blasts of dark energy. The magical armbands of the towering Red Bear grant superhuman strength.
Though plagued by the feeling he’s woefully out of his depth, Matt impersonates each of the heroes as necessary to protect the surviving citizens of Jackson City. He conceals the fact that the originals are dead for fear of depriving the survivors of their last remaining hope.
Fortunately, Matt has found allies to help him in his ongoing war against the invaders. Solomon is an artificial intelligence based in the computers of the Castle, the original heroes’ underground headquarters. Gwen Porter is a former journalism major who gathers vital information and disseminates it to the scattered groups of survivors hiding in the ruins of the city. Sally Hollingsworth, a nurse, is the leader of one of those groups and provides medical care to those who need it.
But Matt’s most important allies are arguably the supervillian gang the WMD’s, which he joined in the guise of Dr. Umbra. The gang’s leader is Death Metal, a Neo-Nazi who can control metal telekinetically and encase his body in armor. His lieutenants are Freakmaker, whose power deforms his targets’ bodies in crippling and sometimes fatal ways, Svergr, a maker of high-tech weaponry, Zhang Sanfeng, a teenage kung fu master, and Sweet Lady Q, who hurls lightning from her fingers.
Matt made common cause with the WMD’s on the assumption that all human beings, especially those with superpowers, should stand together against the Shenn. Still, it’s an uneasy alliance. Death Metal and Freakmaker still hate Dr. Umbra for jailing them in the years before the invasion, while Matt is often dismayed at how the WMD’s exploit ordinary, non-powered survivors. In fact, in the guise of Red Bear, he sometimes fights to halt the worst abuse.
Thus, Matt’s partnership with the supercriminals seems destined to end in betrayal and violence...but only if the invaders don’t slaughter them all first. And with alien soldiers and gunships hunting them through the devastated city, and the Shenn’s hive-like fortress of a mother ship floating in the sky, the latter is all too likely.
The Impostor series is the creation of Richard Lee Byers, a veteran fantasy and horror writer and lifelong pulp and comics enthusiast. There are two volumes to date, with more to come. Interested parties can find them here:

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