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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Masked Avenger

The Masked Avenger

Creator: Tom Johnson
Benson Roberts
Claude Burks
Kirk Stanley
Curtis Van Leif

Benson Roberts has dark hair and steel-gray eyes; he is tall and bronzed from a life of safaris. He was a wealthy young man-about-town, with no goal in life but traveling the world in search of pleasures. Then Claude Burks suggested he do something adventurous with his life. After his parents were killed in a plane crash, his father’s dear friend, Claude Burks had seen to young Benson’s education, raising him as his own son. Danger and excitement, and the thrill of the hunt took over as he reached maturity. With crime running amok, at Claude Burks’ suggestion, he decided to adopt the guise of a masked avenger to fight the evil festering in the streets.
The Masked Avenger wears a domino mask with a dark hat pulled low on his forehead. Fiery eyes flashed as he whispered an eerie challenge in the form of a mocking laugh. Over his shoulders was a black cape. Matching the black of the clothes he wore. The cape covered two .45 automatics in shoulder holsters.
The ring: Reaching into a pocket, he removed a shiny object from within. It was a small ring with an emerald setting of blue-green, and the letter “A” emblazoned within the gem. This he gave to the children he helped.
Police Commissioner Kirk Stanley is the police official. He is a large man with military bearing. He was a retired three-star general. With dark, flashing eyes, a handlebar mustache, and a pointed chin and wide jowls, his family ties reached back to the founding fathers of the great city. Although not particularly rich, he was an accepted member of the exclusive Explorer’s Club.
Curtis Van Leif is tall, lean, and powerfully built. Plus, he is the splitting image of Benson Roberts. He drives a Daimler
Richards is Van Leif’s elderly butler.
Wilson is Van Leif’s chauffeur.
Jackson is Van Leif’s personal doctor.
Explorer’s Club: A private club for the rich, and named for their world-trotting safaris and explorations.
There have been four stories so far. And each story reprinted numerous times.
The Case of The Missing Children WEIRD STORIES #1
Crime’s Last Stand DOUBLE DANGER TALES #24
The Death Plague DOUBLE DANGER TALES #39
Perils of The Prophet TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #4*
(*The only story not by Tom, this one written by Eric Turowski.)

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