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Friday, August 9, 2013

Don 'Daredevil' Donovan

Don “Daredevil” Donovan

Creator: Tom Johnson
Don Donovan
Tommy Tompkins
Jerry Odom

Don Donovan had grown up in Dundee. His parents owned the Double D spread north of town, one of the largest ranches in the area. Don's father was a hard man and worked from sun-up to sundown to see that his fa­mily had everything they needed in life, and he pushed his son to excel in school, and college tuition had already been saved up by the time Don had entered high school.            ­ But Don had not chosen the easy way. He learned to ride and rope, and did all aspects of ranch work, as well as farming. He grew up straight, tall, bronzed of skin, and muscles that rippled beneath his metallic, leathery skin. Sports had come natural to him, and he displayed the strength of two men. He was a natural to win State.
Don had picked up the nickname of 'Daredevil' because he was always trying to do something no one else would do - and succeeding! This might have had something to do with the stuff he read. For Don Daredevil Dono­van read the Doc Savage adventures in the pulp magazines, and he had pat­terned his own life after the magazine hero. Don had read his exploits since the 1930's, and was well versed in all of the adventures. But the town folks just laughed at his reading habits. "Heck," they all said, "that magazine character is only fiction. Don Donovan can do anything he can, and Don is real!" Nevertheless, Don never missed an exploit of his favorite hero. After medical school, he became a world adventurer.
Tommy Tompkins is a big, two hundred and twenty pound linebacker. He eventually became a chemist, and joined Don in his many adventures.
Jerry Odom is a gangly individual who stands six feet tall and weighs in at 160 pounds - if he was soaking wet. Jerry was the team’s running back. He would eventually become a lawyer and be part of Don’s team of adventurers.
There has only been one story so far, but his ranch plays a part in a second story.

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