This Site is for essays on The New Pulp Heroes. It’s about time we catalog new characters appearing in books and anthologies. Since I do not have time to read everything being published, I will offer space here for legitimate creators of new pulp characters to send me their data, and I will post their essays. It is not my place to say what is, or what is not a new pulp hero, and the only changes I will make to essays will be editing and format. If you wish, include a jpeg of a book cover or b&w illustration if you have permission from the artist. By sending me your essays, you are giving me permission to promote and showcase this data. Essays should be up to 500 words, and include information on MC and back up characters, creator, title of books, and where the stories can be found. A paperback edition is now available for $12.00, plus $3.99 postage (US). The book will only be sold through us: Tom Johnson, 204 W. Custer St., Seymour, TX 76380. Send questions or data to fadingshadows40@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Preliminary Listing

Preliminary Listing

Writers who have a love for the old pulp heroes often create their own characters in similar mold to the original pulp heroes, but bringing in their own slant to the old stories. Over the last few years these new characters have been popping up quite regularly. The new stuff is appearing so fast I’m not able to keep up with them, so there are undoubtedly others out there. I’ve also added the name of the creator where known. The list is only preliminary and is far from complete. Pulps were called such because of the pulpwood paper used to print the magazine, so I felt only characters in print should apply. However, more and more are appearing in Kindle and other electronic media, so if you feel that I have missed anyone, please let me know, or copy this list and add your data to it. And please let me know if I have anything wrong. We can compare data at a later date, and update this listing.

Agent 13 (Flint Dille/Dave Marconi)
The Armadillo (1957 Jerry Page)
Astro Athena (Tom Condacure)
The Bagman (D.C. Bell)
Birdman (Ginger Johnson)
The Black Centipede (Chuck Miller)
Black Dragon (T.J. Glenn)
The Black Ghost (Tom Johnson)
Black Guardian (Steve Mitchell)
The Black Mask (Steve Mitchell)
The Black Star
The Blue Eagle
The Blue Scarab (Steve Mitchell)
Captain Steve Danger (Tom Johnson)
Captain Liberty (Steve Mitchell)
Challenger (Jeff Deischer)
Clifton “Challenger” Storm (Don Gates)
Chu Jung (Eric Turowski)
The Crimson Bat (Thomas V. Powers)
The Dark Avenger (T.J. Moore)
Deadline (Jeffrey T. Zverloff)
Detective Callahan & Monahan (Lance Curry)
Detective Devlin (John French)
Devil B'Tonga (Tom Johnson)
Doc Atlas Michael A. Black)
Doc Sidhe (Aaron Allston)
Doc Wilde (Lance Curry)
Doc Wilde (Tim Byrd)
Doctor Pagan (Steve Mitchell)
The Domino Mask (Ray Capella)
Don `Daredevil' Donovan (Tom Johnson)
Dreadstone (Steve Mitchell)
Dr. Shadows (T.J. Glenn)
The Eagle (Bob Kennedy)
Eddie Dart (Rod Marsdon)
Eddie Edwards - UFO Hunter (Tom Johnson) 
The Eel & Adder (Joel Jenkins)
El Charo (Octavio Ramos)
The Enigma Club )Rus Wornor)
The Exceptionals
The Fox (Marilyn Morey)
The Forever Man (Tom Johnson)
Freedom's Spirit & Samuel (Bob Kennedy)
Gabriel Hunt (Various Authors)
The Ghost (Ron Capshaw)
The Ghost (Gary Lovisi)
Ghost Squad (Various Authors)
Gravedigger (Barry Reese)
Grey Monk (John French)
Haakon Jones (Aaron B. Larson)
The Hooded Hunter (Steve Mitchell)
The Impostor (Richard Lee Byers)
Lance Star (Bobby Nash)
Lazarus Gray (Barry Reese)
The Legend (Tom Johnson)
The Leopard Lady (Steve Mitchell)
Lone Justice
Madame Thirteen (Steve Mitchell)
Mars McCoy (Various Authors)
Martin Gort – Undertaker (Nick Carr)
The Masked Avenger (Tom Johnson)
Merkabah Rider (Edward M. Erdelac)
Midnight Skull – Skullmask
Midnight Warriors (T.J. Glenn)
Midnight Sentinel (Jens Altmann)
The Mind Master (Tom Johnson)
Mistik (O’Neil De Noux)
Moon Girl (Steve Mitchell)
Mr. Minus (Ginger Johnson)
Mr. Midnight (Paul Fornatar)
Mr. (Doctor) Mystery (Dale J. Roberts)
The Nemesis (Gary Lovisi)
The Night Hawk (Will Murray)
Nightmare (John French)
NightStar (Steve Mitchell)
Nightwind (Tom Johnson)
Number Nine (Shawn Danowski)
The Omen (Steve Mitchell)
Pandragon (Steve Mitchell)
Patricia Wilde (Wyn Scott Eckert Philip Jose Farmer)
Professor Stone (Wayne Skiver)
The Pulptress (Various Authors)
Ravenshroud (Shawn Danowski)
The Red Death (Steve Mitchell)
The Red Badge (Mark Haleque)
Rick Ruby (Bobby Nash & Sean Taylor)
Roc Callahan (Gene Girardier)
The Rook (Barry Reese)
The Royal Occultist (Josh Reynolds)
The Sandman (Will Murray)
The Scarecrow (Debbie DeLorme)
Senora Scorpion (Tom Johnson)
Sergeant Martin (Tom Johnson)
Shadowhawke (K.G. McAbee & Tom Johnson)
The Shape (Steve Mitchell)
The Silver Manticore (P. J. Lozito)
Skullrider - Skullmask
Stuanofu - UFO Hunter (Tom Johnson)
The Stone Soldiers (C. F. Martin)
The Soul Stealer (Tom Johnson)
The Suppressor (Steve Mitchell)
The Tarantula (Steve Mitchell)
The Tiger (Steve Mitchell)
Timothy Locke (T.J. Glenn)
Turquoise (John French)
The Visage (Shawn Danowski)
The Voice (Bob Kennedy)
The Whispering Skull (Steve Mitchell)


  1. In addition to my Rook character, I have Lazarus Gray (three books published so far and a fourth completed) and Gravedigger (one book published so far, with a second completed). Also -- it's Reese with an 's' not a 'c'. :-)

  2. Thanks for adding Lance Star, Tom. There's also Rick Ruby, as created by myself and Sean Taylor. He has his moments of heroics.

    Great list.


  3. Missing Wayne Reingel's characters, as well as Doc Hazzard.

  4. Thanks Bobby. I just posted the info. BTW, you're welcome to Guest Blog on Pulp Den http://pulplair.blogspot.com/ some time.

    Michael, Give me the characters of Wayne Reingel. Was Doc Hazzard one of his? I know about Captain Hazzard, but not Doc. Captain Hazzard is an original pulp character.

  5. "Patricia Wilde (Wyn Eckert)"

    That's Patricia Wildman (Philip Jose' Farmer and Win Scott Eckert)