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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dark Avenger

The Dark Avenger

Creator: T. J. Moore
Robert Steele
Linda Aldridge
Lt. Richard Bruce
Elwood Jasper
Henry J. Atkinson

His calling card is a black bullet. Dressed all in black, he stood over six feet tall, and has a broad build. He had on a black trench coat, worn open, black shirt and pants, and a black fedora shadowed a full facemask, also black. In his fists were two Walther P-38s. A low, menacing laugh, then “The price of crime is death!”
Robert Steele is the top investigator for the District Attorney’s office. Gangsters had murdered his relatives in the ‘70s. His father and grandfather had been The Dark Avenger in their generation. Now it was his turn. Standing 6 feet four inches, and 210 pounds, he has the build of a wrestler. He has jet-black hair and his eyes are a cold, piercing gray.
Linda Aldridge is the District Attorney for Philadelphia. She had grown up with Robert Steele, and knew he was The Dark Avenger. Carries a Berretta .25 in her purse.
Lt. Richard Bruce is the police official, a Homicide Detective of the 115th Division. A large man at 43, he had been a cop for twenty years. Standing 6 foot three inches, he weighed 300 pounds, most of it muscle. He was very agile.
Elwood Jasper is Mayor of Philadelphia.
Henry J. Atkinson works for the Philadelphia City News. He’s five foot six, with rumpled brown-black hair, under a battered brown fedora worn cocked back on his head. His wide black tie was twenty years out of date, and worn loose around his neck. His white shirt is stained and his pants were hopelessly scuffed at the ankles. His face was weathered, and his teeth stained by too much coffee and too many cigarettes. He has a raspy and annoying voice.
            The series is written in Saturday Matinee serial style, with a cliffhanger at end of each segment.
Published in Fading Shadows.
1)    Hell Comes To Paradise DOUBLE DANGER TALES # 54
2)    King of Crime (4-part serial) DOUBLE DANGER TALES #57, 58, 60 & 61

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