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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Forever Man

The Forever Man

Creator: Tom Johnson
The Forever Man
The Consolidated Guard (TCG)
Ghosts (Special Agents of TCG)
Paula Sinclair (Agent of Ghosts)

In the far distant future, when Earthmen have moved outward in the universe, a mysterious Galactic master thief has appeared to confound the world governments and police agencies. He has no name, but whispers circulate on the planets and moons where human and alien species have settled, of a man who appears suddenly, then disappears just as quickly – taking with him some great object of value. Their hushed voices mumble an odd name, The Forever Man! But who he is, and what he looks like, no one knows.
The Forever Man has dark hair and blue eyes and is part of a huge clearance house for returned valuables stolen from rich worlds and their leaders. He doesn’t steal from them. He steals from those who have stolen their treasures. Then he acts as the ambassador, returning the valuable property – for a fee! No man – or world – can hold him, for he was born a mutant on a world that experienced a terrible catastrophe, giving him two brains. And the mysterious ability to teleport near and far distances. The one drawback is planet hopping. He is able to teleport short distances with no problem, but when jumping from planet to planet, he often arrives naked, and suffering from temporary amnesia.
The Consolidated Guard is a universal police force, with offices on every allied world, they have full authority among all the species. Within their organization are special espionage agents, known as Ghosts, who move about the worlds among their people, watching for unrest and criminal activity. They are well trained and highly efficient. They are also looking for leads to The Forever Man, but have no knowledge of the organization he works for. In “Planets In Peril”, The Forever Man recruits a member of Ghosts to join the organization, named Paula Sinclair.
Paula Sinclair is a tall, slender woman, with dark hair and brown eyes. She flashes creamy white thighs to distract men, but is a highly trained and skilled agent of Ghosts!
            There have been two stories so far in this science fiction series.
The Forever Man (STARTLING STORIES) Wild Cat Books
Planets In Peril (ALIEN WORLDS Anthology) from NTD*
(*Also reprints The Forever Man)

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