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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Devil B'Tonga

The Devil B’Tonga

Creator: Tom Johnson

A monster of the woods meandered through the dense jungle of tall trees and thick vines, but this one had little shape to prove it was animal. It was not a man. Though at times it may have resembled a man in form, the creature took on the semblance of the forest itself. Depending on the shadows, it could have been green or gray, or even a dark brown. Its body was more like that of a tree trunk, its arms thick as limbs. Perhaps the feet and hands ended in claws, but who could tell with this shaggy brute?
            The monster had been a man in the distant past, but its memory of that time was dim. He had been a fierce warrior of the Masai until a poisoned arrow from a M'Buto pygmy pierced his heart, cutting him down in the prime of life. There had been a small village, a wife and daughter, but memory slowly fades over time. His body had lain in the jungle marshes, merging with the vines, roots, and grasses that grew so abundantly in the rich soil, until he became a part of the very earth that had received him that fateful day. He may not have remembered that day, over twenty years in the past, when his hunting party had been ambushed by the pygmy headhunters, for his memory was only partly human now. Somehow the pygmies had overlooked his body, leaving it to rot in the jungle vegetation. But something had been different about this land, something that was magic. For the living plants covered him, becoming a part of him, and wouldn't let his body return to mud and clay, from whence it had come.  Sometime, during the twenty years his body had lain there, the memory of the man guided the things merging with him, attempting to again form the body of a man. The ugly monster did have something of a human shape: two thick legs and arms, and something that resembled a head of sorts. There the resemblance ended. This thing was no man.
Though the natives thought of him as a monster, even monsters can prove to be a hero!
The Devil B’Tonga has appeared in two short stories so far.
The Devil B’Tonga NIGHT TO DAWN Magazine
The Junglew Girl EXCITING PULP TALES (Altus Press)

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