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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Shroud

The Shroud

Creator: Sean Danowski
King Raven (Ravenshroud)
Annie Julep

Set in the 1880s, he had been a famous actor once. His stage name was King Raven, as he felt his true name, Ravenshroud was too morbid. His costar had loved him, but bargained her soul for eternal youth and life on the stage. He had saved her soul, but lost his in the process. He made another bargain of sorts, one for the return of his soul, but it too was for a price.
Ravenshroud is a gentleman in flowing black mantle from beneath which peaked the last word in fashionable wear. He has jade eyes, an aristocratic face with an aquiline nose and thin lips. His lithe, long-legged frame unfolded, an opera hat set rakishly upon his slicked hair, and a golden serpent-head walking stick complimented the attire. A razor-sharp blade was concealed within that walking stick!
The Shroad’s face was a stark chalk white, the lipless mouth a permanent grin exposing a skull’s visage. The eyes were deep sockets from which peered white orbs that glared without blinking. Not quite human, his calling card is a miniature silver skull, tiny emeralds imbedded in its eye sockets.
The Carriage is fully a town coach of the most expensive model, with its midnight black exterior and its sable curtains, drawn by twin ebon stallions whose coats shown in the gaslight with a dull luster; only touches of gold trim broke the color scheme. Four oil lamps hung from the four corners of the carriage, their dullish orange glow flickering like funeral lights. The sumptuous but dim interior contained matching deep crimson leather seats and curtains. But perhaps most notable – and most amazing – was that the coach was driverless!
Foster is Ravenshroud’s elderly servant.
Adele is a statuesque lady on the brink of middle age, her aristocratic features serene, her blazing red hair heightening her elegantly mature features. She believes Ravenshroad dead, sacrificed for the return of her soul.
Annie Julep is an elderly woman who runs a boarding house where Ravenshroud sends those he is helping to safety.
            There have been two stories in this exciting series:
“The House of Somnus” WEIRD STORIES #1
“The Headless Horrors” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #2

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Creator: Steve Mitchell
Adam Stone
Randall Kelt
Mr. Smith
Angela Raven
John King III
Jeanne King
Princess Athena Notaros
Stephen Roberts
Freeman Corby

            Adam Stone is a tall, spare man with light brown hair, cold green eyes, and sometimes sports a reddish-gold beard. In 1920 he was wounded in the Middle East, his companions murdered. Trying to make his way back to civilization through the desert, a mysterious rider appears, then he passes out. When he awakens, he is in the camp of Randall Kelp, being cared for. A strange necklace is around his neck; there is a massive silver ring, with a large gem in the center, possibly a Ruby. A leather thong is passed through the center of the ring. The ring is called a Chintani. The ring gives Adam great strength and speed, and he becomes Dreadstone, a hero.
            Princess Athena Notaros stands six foot, with dark hair, and violet eyes. She is the a princess of the island Mandrakos, and passed up the throne for her brother to become the ruler. With magical strength and speed, she also becomes a hero.
            Stephen Roberts, once a vigilante known as The Scorpion, he was ambushed by the mob and murdered, his body thrown into the water. But something gave him back his life, or semblance of it, though he is a dead man, and now known as The Shape.
            Freeman Cornby, beller known as Karak the Mystic. Little else is known about him. He tells Adam that the ring was once in the possession of Genghis  Khan, and that the rider is known as an Azaras, a messenger of Shambhala, a person that passes the ring to someone they choose, and once Genghis Khan was dead, they quickly reposed it before another evil person would obtain it.
            Angela Raven, a black woman, agent of the Special Coordinating Group (SCG), she works with the super heroes, coordinating their activities.
            Mr. Smith, is a mysterious agent or spy. There is nothing known about him.
            John King III is now retired from head of the SCG, where his father and grandfather before him held the same position.
            Jeanne King, daughter of John Kink III
            There have been three stories in the series so far, though he may have appeared in costarring roles in other hero’s adventures.).      
In Final Battle WEIRD STORIES #6 & 7 *
(*This first story tells of Dreadstone’s beginning and end, but future stories recount stories before he dies. I might add, WEIRD STORIES #7 has a history of SCG in the back.)
Thursday’s Child DOUBLE DANGER TALES #31 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doc Atlas


Creator: Michael A. Black & Ray Lovato
Doc Atlas
“Ace” Assante
“Mad Dog” Deagan
Penelope Cartier

Atlas is big, blonde, and has yellow - or amber - eyes. He will kill when necessary, but does show some emotion. He is also a doctor, scientist and inventor, and explores foreign locales with his girlfriend and aides.
Doc Atlas and his associates are World War II veterans and so far all the adventures are set in post-WWII. He has two assistants, plus a girlfriend.  One assistant is a lawyer named “Ace” Assante, a former captain in the Army Air Force and bomber pilot. “Mad Dog” Deagan is a former lieutenant colonel and built along the lines of Monk from Doc Savage. His girlfriend is a reporter named Penelope Cartier, who writes up his adventures under a pseudonym and sells them to the pulp magazines.
Doc also has several secretaries running his office, which are targets of Mad Dog’s numerous advances.
         Doc Atlas has had numerous appearances in short stories, as well as one novel, plus an anthology collecting his previous stories.
“Arctic Terror” Gryphon Double #9
“The Satan Plague” Gryphon Double #19
“Melody of Vengeance” Double Danger Tales #4, 5 & 6
“Gorilla Killer” Double Danger Tales #16
“Desert Shadows” Double Danger Tales #34
“Arctic Terror” Exciting UFO Stories #3
“Melody of Vengeance” Echelon Press
“Arctic Terror” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #2
“The Satan Plague” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #3
“His Master’s Voice” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #4
“The Green Death” Tales From The Pulp Side

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doc Pagan

Doc Pagan

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Dr. Carl Jardine Pagan, Jr. – Doc Pagan
Gloria Pagan
Colonel Philip Horn (CSG)
Nicademus Tessin
Dr. Charles Gideon Storm – Doc Storm
Pamela Storm

            Doc Pagan, called The Man of Iron, is an imposing figure, built on large lines, somber of appearance, with iron-gray hair and eyes. His drivers license is issued in Federal City District (alternate universe of Washington D.C.), with an identification card issued from the American Association of Research Physicists, and a letter from the President of the United States. His skin was deeply bronzed by the sun.
            Colonel John Landar Pagan was Doc Pagan’s grandfather.
            Carl Pagan, Sr. was Doc Pagan’s father.
            Vivian Louise Shepard Pagan was Doc’s mother.
            Colonel Philip Horn is a stocky, square-faced man, the Deputy Director of the Special Coordination Group (CSG).
            Gloria Pagan, black hair and dark eyes, the adventurous cousin of Doc Pagan.
            Doc Storm, called The Man of Silver, is built on large lines, somber of continence, with white hair and pale eyes. His Headquarters is on the 33rd Floor of the Chrysler Building, which is reached by a special elevator. Two men, probably private detectives are posted in a room in the lobby who screen all visitors to Doc Storm’s offices, The Storm Research Foundation. Storm’s skin is white and he has pale eyes and silver hair.
            Pamela Storm is tall, her figure compliments her height. Se has fair skinn, ash-blonde hair and gray eyes.
            Cam, Padre, and Jerry are aides of Doc Storm.
            Doc Pagan and Doc Storm live in different dimensions, or alternate universes. In this story Doc Pagan is visiting a science lab of an old professor who has recently died, when a lab worker accidentally sets off a machine that sends Pagan into the alternate universe where his alternate being exists.
            There has been several stories featuring these characters so far, though Doc Pagan may have costarred in other stories.
An Episode of Bureaucratic History DOUBLE DANGER TALES #29*
(*Costarred Princess Athena, The Shape, Dreadstone & The Hooded Hunter. Merely a meeting with the President.)
Vibrations     DOUBLE DANGER TALES #29*

(*Actually features Doc Pagan’s father and grandfather before he was born.)
War-Wolves For Satan WEIRD STORIES #8, 9 & 10
New York Adventure DOUBLE DANGER TALES #50