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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SSGT Martin

SSgt Martin

Creator: Tom Johnson
SSGT Martin

SSgt Martin leads a squad of well-trained soldiers through the Viet Cong infested jungles of Southeast Asia on reconnaissance for enemy activity. These men aren’t suicidal heroes, they just want to survive the war and go home in one piece. It’s Sergeant Martin’s duty to see that they do! Here, death is their constant companion, and they learn about fear, and the dangers lurking in the night.
These are men who are faceless. Perhaps a son, a husband, or a father. Most are 19 years old, except for their leader, Staff-Sergeant Martin, a career soldier that began service to his country on the DMZ in Korea. Now he must fight a new war, and do his best to send his men back to wives and families.
There have been eight stories in this series.
The Forgotten War         CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES #4
Fear Is Your Enemy FARDAW (4/99)
The Ultimate Price FARDAW (6/99)
(Note: *All stories except The Oasis were collected into one short novel, titled Bad Moon Rising, and published in the paperback anthology, Blood Moons And Nightscapes, 2008. It was later published in paperback by FADING SHADOWS.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Soul Stealers

The Soul Stealer

Creator: Tom Johnson
The Soul Stealer

Perhaps one of the oddest of all heroes, the Soul Stealer is an angelic being. He is a small person, sometimes a man, sometimes female. A sickly gray in appearance, they are very nondescript, gentle and soft-spoken. They appear to those who are about to die a violent death. Their mission is to help them cross over to the Afterlife.
The Soul Stealers feel a need to know their assignment before the appointed time, and the reader learns about the person along with the little gray being in gentle stories of passion before the violence that catches up with the victim. Perhaps a sudden car crash, or blazing weapons in the hands of killers, or the soldier on a battlefield. Wherever there is going to be a violent death, there you will find this strange little hero, the Soul Stealer.
There have been ten stories in this series so far, plus published in two collections.
Stranger On The Elevator NIGHT TO DAWN #6
1) The Bag Lady NIGHT TO DAWN #7
2) Chopper Down  NIGHT TO DAWN #8
3) I Saw The Light NIGHT TO DAWN #9
4) Little Ricky’s Monster NIGHT TO DAWN #10
5) The Story Teller NIGHT TO DAWN #11
6) Sky High NIGHT TO DAWN #12
7) The Naturalist NIGHT TO DAWN #13
8) War NIGHT TO DAWN #14
9) The Hero NIGHT TO DAWN #16
11) The Soul Stealers* Fading Shadows
12) Blood Moon and Nightscapes** (NTD)
(Note: *All the Soul Stealer stories, including Doodlebug, was collected into a short story collection.)
(Note: ** NTD published the first 9 stories in a short story collection.)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Tiger

The Tiger

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Alan Corby
Cliff Barker
James Francis Dennis
Harmon Russell

            Alan Corby is tall, with dark hair and blue eyes, and powerfully built. He is president of Corby Aviation Services. He had flown in the World War. While in Burma, he was shot down, but rescued by monks. When he was preparing to depart, he was given five vials containing a potion from an ancient formula called the Blood of The Tiger:

“A strange an savage exaltation coursed through every atom of his being! He felt like a man rising from long slumber – suddenly awake, aware, full of superhuman potencies! Now he comprehended the mysterious words of Than Nu. By the will of the ancient gods, the power of the Tiger had descended upon him! He felt invincible – capable of surmounting any challenge.”

            Cliff Barker had driven bootleg whiskey for the gang during Prohibition and went to prison. Now he drives a truck for Corby enterprises when he comes in contact with The Tiger. Now he is the personal driver of Alan Corby.
            James Francis Dennis is burly and dark haired, with a fighter’s aggressive face. He is the police commissioner.
            Harmon Russell is the police chief.
            There have only been three stories featuring The Tiger, though he may have costarred in other character stories by Steve. There may have even been more data released in the other stories. For this data, I reread the first story from 1995. In it, it is said that he flew with Pagan and Kelt in the World War
The Coils of The Serpent           DOUBLE DANGER TALES #7 & 8
The Hunting Beast          DOUBLE DANGER TALES #28

Sunday, October 20, 2013



Creator: K.G. McAbee and Tom Johnson
Carlyle Alexander Tenebra
Gilian Mars
‘Bruiser’ Browser
Wees Lea Changa Do

Carlyle Alexander Tenebra is extremely rich. He had served as a pilot in the Great War, but in a crash had crushed both legs irreparably. While in the wilds of Australia Tenebra discovered “something”. Whatever it was, it allowed him to overcome his weakness and use of his legs for brief periods of time. The power was given to him only for use in benefiting humankind, and he chose to dedicate his life to fighting evil. When he becomes Shadowhawke, his deep blue-green eyes turn a bright emerald green, and his legs straighten and grow strong. When not the nemesis of evildoers, he walks with the use of two steel canes to support his huge body on useless legs. Handsome, he is tall and distinguished.
Gilian Mars is an actress Tenebra had hired once, but found her courage to his liking. Now she acts as his secretary until time for Shadowhawke to go into action. She is a pert brunette, with dark eyes, and fresh pretty looks. A sharp mind, she is a quick thinker.
‘Bruiser’ Browser had once been a noted boxer, and a contender for the heavyweight title before joining the service to fight in the Great War, and ended up as a flight mechanic with the RAF. He had met Tenebra during this time, and became his bodyguard after the war. He has a good-natured face, not the slightest marred by a nose that changed direction three ways. He is tall, and heavy, with huge fists. He doesn’t carry weapons, preferring to use his fists instead.
Wong Lei is a slender Chinaman who speaks in purest Oxford English, and has a dozen degrees in a dozen different subjects. He is also a master of jujitsu and hypnotism. He is employed as Tenebra’s chauffeur and houseman. He and Browser enjoy a constant banter, but are the best of friends. Wong also collects an assortment of violent weapons as a hobby. When he goes into action, he prefers a pair of .45 automatics in shoulder holsters.
Wees Lea Changa Do (he who hides in plain sight), better known as Weslie. He is an Australian aborigine, small, dark, and a vicious fighter. Raised in the Australian Outback, he is at home in the darkness, and is a spotter for Shadowhawke. His weapons of choice are knife and spear, and he moves without sound.
The town house is a brownstone mansion that takes up a half block on 5th Avenue. It is a great size structure with an old ancestry. It contains his valuable art collection. There is a special room in the basement where only he goes, and it is here that he transforms into Shadowhawke.
There has only been one short novel so far.
First Flight     DOUBLE DANGER TALES #46   
First Flight     TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #2
First Flight     FADING SHADOWS (paperback)                        

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Tarantula

The Tarantula

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Paul Tremaine
Laura Devon
Batu Khan
Robert Fizwaren
Mike O’Bannion
Jeff Devon
Charlotte Pearce

            Modeled slightly after The Spider, The Tarantula wears a hooded robe, long and black, with flexible black gloves. Upon his head is a ghastly midnight-hued face and cap – the arachnidan mask. A ripple of mirth escaped his lips. A pair of automatic pistols blazed their leaden death as he challenged the underworld.
            Paul Tremaine is tall, strongly built, fair-haired, late thirties. He was a hero in the Great War, once a member of the Secret Seven. He is rich and powerful, and among the influential of the city.
            Laura Devon is a nurse, and the fiancĂ© of Tremaine. She resides with her brother, a doctor in the tenement area.
            Batu Khan is a fierce Mongol warrior. Tremaine had assisted him in defending against bandits in the mountains of Kulun Shen, and the warrior lived to fight at his side.
            Robert Fizwaren is the commissioner of police, and a friend of Tremaine. Though he suspects his friend is The Tarantula, he does not pursue the matter.
            Jeff Devon, brother of Laura, he and his sister had once saved The Tarantula when he staggered wounded into their tenement. They became his allies, rendering medical assistance when needed.
            Epperson is Tremaine’s house servant. He is 60 years old.
            Mike O’Bannion is six feet tall, husky build, with red hair and blue eyes. He fought in the Great War, and his courage was unquestionable. He became a aide to The Tarantula in the only story published.
            Charlotte Pearce was looking for the judge that sent her sister to prison, where she committed suicide. She planned to kill him for the deed. She finds Tremaine instead, as he is disguised as the judge. She also becomes an aide in this story.
            Full throttle action as bodies pile up, and the city crumbles as the mastermind plans its destruction along with all its citizens. Only the blazing guns of The Tarantula and his fierce companions can hold back the tide as the city cringes in fear. Everything The Spider brought to the readers, except the emotion that Page brought to the persona.
            There has only been one story to-date:
Monarch of Madness DOUBLE DANGER TALES #14 & 15*
(*Reprinted in TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #1