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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Pink Reaper


Creator: Patrick Thomas
Cast of characters:
          The Pink Reaper aka Kaye Chandler
          Nemesis, goddess of Vengeance, head of Nemesis & Co. aka Leda Troy
          Detective Mydnight
          The Stringer, aka Maxine Franklin, reporter for the Gotham Sentinel
          The Green Hood, criminal, master of manipulation and blackmail
          Rhino Johnson, crime boss
          Zeus, king of the Olympian gods
          Tyche, Goddess of Luck
          The Nightmare aka Michael Shaw
            Seamus Moran, leprechaun and owner of Moran’s tavern.
          The Blue Scorpion
          The Dead Lady
            and assorted monsters, creatures, thugs and ne’er-do-wells

The Pink Reaper first appeared in the Mystic Investigators book  From The Shadows  in which she teams with Nemesis and John L. French’s The Nightmare. 
To avenge the death of her brilliant scientist uncle, debutante and Olympic athlete Kaye Chandler uses his inventions and some of her own to become The Pink Reaper. Foremost among these is a pink gas that induces fear in those exposed to it, which is worsened by viewing the color pink. Also it heightens certain aspects of the male libido, making it difficult to not stare fearfully at female anatomy, making it difficult for them to focus on anything else but their own terror. The Pink Reaper’s outfit is designed to take full advantage of these side effects. Her large pink metal gun shoots multiple forms of gas (including fear and knockout) as well as electric darts which can stun or even kill. Her cape is made from a material that is flame resistance and bullet proof and she has made protective outfits and weapons for other heroes. The skull on her neck also holds a small supply of gas.
          Relying on her devices and wits, The Pink Reaper fights not only criminals but supernatural menaces. She also lives and runs a soup kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen. The Pink Reaper is a member of the pulp era Nemesis & Co. along with The Dead Lady and Shargrin as well as a member of The League of Shadows.
The Pink Reaper has appeared in:
1) FROM THE SHADOWS (Dark Quest Books, 2012) in which she and Nemesis team with John L. French’s The Nightmare character. *
 (*Virginia E. Johnson has called FROM THE SHADOWS “the best new pulp I've read in years.”)
 2) “The Games People Play” TALES FROM THE PULPSIDE (Dark Quest Book, 2013). This story tells the tale of The Pink Reaper’s first encounter with the Green Hood and the reader meets Detective Mydnight and The Stringer for the first time.*
 (*Ron Fortier has said in Pulp Fiction Reviews that “Tales From The Pulpside delivers what it promises and then some.  Guaranteed to entertain any true pulp fan and hopefully help recruit many new ones along the way.  We would truly love to see more like this.” And calls The Pink Reaper “one of the most audacious pulp characters ever envisioned.”)
 3) “Dysorder” LORE & DYSORDER (Padwolf Publishing, 2011). This story features a modern day appearance of The Pink Reaper, Nemesis and several surviving members of the League of Shadows as they help one of their own take back an afterlife from his goddess ex-wife.
As soon as enough stories have been written and published, there are plans to publish a Pink Reaper collection.

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