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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Number 9

Number Nine

Creator: Sean Danowski
Paul Highland
Miss Reeves

Gray eyes behind a domino mask, Number Nine is a master of deception, and a man of countless faces whose own face was not known and never seen by friends, enemies, or the public at large for he was almost always in disguise. Long ago, after the Great War, he had established himself as a crime fighter. During the war he had been assigned to an elite group of airmen, ten men who were sent on a mission behind enemy lines to France. He was the ninth man, and the only one to survive, but ten graves were left in France, leading the military to believe all ten had died. Only one man knew the secret, the officer who had sent them on the mission, Commander Paul Highland.
Vance is a sharp dressed man in fedora, pastel tie, pinstriped suit and leather gloves; the brim of his hat cast a shadow over his face. This was the only name revealed for the mysterious manhunter.
Paul Highland is now the assistant district attorney for the great city. He has a deep, commanding voice.
Danny is a police desk sergeant, and a spy for Number Nine.
Miss Reeves is Paul Highland’s secretary.
The NEW YORK HERALD is the city’s newspaper.
Number Nine uses coded words to identify himself to Paul Highland with, “One from the grave.” Highland responds with, “Who is lost to the living.”
Only one novel was published as a four-part serieal:
“Siege of Satan’s Death Brigade” CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES #13, 14, 15 & 16.

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