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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Blue Scarab

The Blue Scarab

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Garrett Drake
Brett Carter (Drake’s cousin)
Susan Benner (Carter’s fiancé)
Marsha James (Blonde reporter for Crown City Clarion)
Franz Albrecht, a refugee Austrian scientist hiding from Nazis)

When Garrett Drake finished college he returned to Crown City and joined the police department. His father, Detective Captain Michael Drake was gunned down by the notorious Green Mask Ring, and Garrett hunts the killers down as a vigilante wearing a simple mask . Later, Franz Albrecht, a Austrian refugee hiding from Nazis, is rescued by Garrett, the scientist makes him a distinctive and unusual garb to cover him from neck to feet in a substance resembling chain-mail armor. The suit is fashioned from amazing flexible, ultra-light alloy developed by Franz, and he serves as friend and advisor to The Blue Scarab. He’s the only one who knows the Blue Scarab’s identity.
There is only one story so far. Professor William Gregory has invited several people to his home in the country, where he intends to kill them. During WWI, he had been left for dead by his unit as the German soldiers were advancing, but had been taken prisoner, and blamed those who had left him. Only one of them still lived, but their children would pay for their sins. However, unaware that one of his intended victims had invited a friend on the special invitation to a party, The Blue Scarab is also on hand.
Master of Hidden Doom DOUBLE DANGER TALES #50

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