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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doc Atlas


Creator: Michael A. Black & Ray Lovato
Doc Atlas
“Ace” Assante
“Mad Dog” Deagan
Penelope Cartier

Atlas is big, blonde, and has yellow - or amber - eyes. He will kill when necessary, but does show some emotion. He is also a doctor, scientist and inventor, and explores foreign locales with his girlfriend and aides.
Doc Atlas and his associates are World War II veterans and so far all the adventures are set in post-WWII. He has two assistants, plus a girlfriend.  One assistant is a lawyer named “Ace” Assante, a former captain in the Army Air Force and bomber pilot. “Mad Dog” Deagan is a former lieutenant colonel and built along the lines of Monk from Doc Savage. His girlfriend is a reporter named Penelope Cartier, who writes up his adventures under a pseudonym and sells them to the pulp magazines.
Doc also has several secretaries running his office, which are targets of Mad Dog’s numerous advances.
         Doc Atlas has had numerous appearances in short stories, as well as one novel, plus an anthology collecting his previous stories.
“Arctic Terror” Gryphon Double #9
“The Satan Plague” Gryphon Double #19
“Melody of Vengeance” Double Danger Tales #4, 5 & 6
“Gorilla Killer” Double Danger Tales #16
“Desert Shadows” Double Danger Tales #34
“Arctic Terror” Exciting UFO Stories #3
“Melody of Vengeance” Echelon Press
“Arctic Terror” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #2
“The Satan Plague” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #3
“His Master’s Voice” Tales of Masks & Mayhem #4
“The Green Death” Tales From The Pulp Side

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