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Friday, September 13, 2013

Captain Liberty

Captain Liberty

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Gardner Grant/Thomas James Wakefield
Angelo Raven (SGO)
Kathleen Murrell (sister of Adam Stone, the original Dreadstone)
Susan Lin (Dreadstone #2)

            We know the story: in 1940 scientist experimented on a young soldier turning him into a super soldier to fight the Axis in Germany. The experiment turned young Gardner Grant into a large, fast, and strong individual they called Captain Liberty. He, along with other heroes, fought the axis powers throughout the war, but at the end of WWII Nazis shot Captain Liberty. Wounded, he was taken to the hospital in Berlin. When the Russians entered Berlin they found him and carried him off to Russia, where he was drugged and brainwashed. For the next 54 years he followed Russian orders in all their skirmishing as Red Wind, killing Americans, South Koreans, and other allies of America, until the Special Coordinating Group in America brought him out of Russia again, and for two years American doctors returned him to h is identity of Gardner Grant.
            Giving Grant the new identity of  Thomas James Wakefield, his SCG contact, Angelo Raven sends him to Bay City under cover as a member of The State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, where he was to again fight an enemy, but this enemy was within America itself.
            Captain Liberty never wore a costume, though occasionally did wear a mask.
            Little information is shared on Angelo Raven, except that she is a black woman and is an agent of SCG, and she only has contact with Gardner/Wakefield prior to leaving for Bay City. In the story, “In  Final Battle”, featuring Dreadstone, The Shape, and Princess Athena, she joins them in the Middle East where they find Captain Liberty.
            Susan Lin is an Asian/American, possibly Chinese. She is short and slim, with glossy back hair that hung down to her shoulders. A mysterious person gave her a ring on a necklace with a stone called a Chintamani, which once belonged to the super hero known as Dreadstone, who had been killed in Afghanistan. Now she has absorbed that hero’s great strength and speed, and becomes the modern day Dreadstone.
            Other heroes are mentioned from the war years, Adam Stone (Dreadstone), Doc Pagan, Athena, Pendragon, the Black Guardian, and Madame 13. It appears that Madame 13 is now also among the living, though all the great heroes had perished after the war.
            A contemporary comic books series from WONDER ADVENTURES, features the exploits of “Captain Liberty, America’s Ace Avenger”.
            There have been three stories in the Captain Liberty series so far:
Captain Liberty DOUBLE DANGER TALES #51
Shadow of The Stone DOUBLE DANGER TALES #55
Four Color Adventure DOUBLE DANGER TALES #59

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