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Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Creator: Steve Mitchell
Adam Stone
Randall Kelt
Mr. Smith
Angela Raven
John King III
Jeanne King
Princess Athena Notaros
Stephen Roberts
Freeman Corby

            Adam Stone is a tall, spare man with light brown hair, cold green eyes, and sometimes sports a reddish-gold beard. In 1920 he was wounded in the Middle East, his companions murdered. Trying to make his way back to civilization through the desert, a mysterious rider appears, then he passes out. When he awakens, he is in the camp of Randall Kelp, being cared for. A strange necklace is around his neck; there is a massive silver ring, with a large gem in the center, possibly a Ruby. A leather thong is passed through the center of the ring. The ring is called a Chintani. The ring gives Adam great strength and speed, and he becomes Dreadstone, a hero.
            Princess Athena Notaros stands six foot, with dark hair, and violet eyes. She is the a princess of the island Mandrakos, and passed up the throne for her brother to become the ruler. With magical strength and speed, she also becomes a hero.
            Stephen Roberts, once a vigilante known as The Scorpion, he was ambushed by the mob and murdered, his body thrown into the water. But something gave him back his life, or semblance of it, though he is a dead man, and now known as The Shape.
            Freeman Cornby, beller known as Karak the Mystic. Little else is known about him. He tells Adam that the ring was once in the possession of Genghis  Khan, and that the rider is known as an Azaras, a messenger of Shambhala, a person that passes the ring to someone they choose, and once Genghis Khan was dead, they quickly reposed it before another evil person would obtain it.
            Angela Raven, a black woman, agent of the Special Coordinating Group (SCG), she works with the super heroes, coordinating their activities.
            Mr. Smith, is a mysterious agent or spy. There is nothing known about him.
            John King III is now retired from head of the SCG, where his father and grandfather before him held the same position.
            Jeanne King, daughter of John Kink III
            There have been three stories in the series so far, though he may have appeared in costarring roles in other hero’s adventures.).      
In Final Battle WEIRD STORIES #6 & 7 *
(*This first story tells of Dreadstone’s beginning and end, but future stories recount stories before he dies. I might add, WEIRD STORIES #7 has a history of SCG in the back.)
Thursday’s Child DOUBLE DANGER TALES #31 

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