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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doc Pagan

Doc Pagan

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Dr. Carl Jardine Pagan, Jr. – Doc Pagan
Gloria Pagan
Colonel Philip Horn (CSG)
Nicademus Tessin
Dr. Charles Gideon Storm – Doc Storm
Pamela Storm

            Doc Pagan, called The Man of Iron, is an imposing figure, built on large lines, somber of appearance, with iron-gray hair and eyes. His drivers license is issued in Federal City District (alternate universe of Washington D.C.), with an identification card issued from the American Association of Research Physicists, and a letter from the President of the United States. His skin was deeply bronzed by the sun.
            Colonel John Landar Pagan was Doc Pagan’s grandfather.
            Carl Pagan, Sr. was Doc Pagan’s father.
            Vivian Louise Shepard Pagan was Doc’s mother.
            Colonel Philip Horn is a stocky, square-faced man, the Deputy Director of the Special Coordination Group (CSG).
            Gloria Pagan, black hair and dark eyes, the adventurous cousin of Doc Pagan.
            Doc Storm, called The Man of Silver, is built on large lines, somber of continence, with white hair and pale eyes. His Headquarters is on the 33rd Floor of the Chrysler Building, which is reached by a special elevator. Two men, probably private detectives are posted in a room in the lobby who screen all visitors to Doc Storm’s offices, The Storm Research Foundation. Storm’s skin is white and he has pale eyes and silver hair.
            Pamela Storm is tall, her figure compliments her height. Se has fair skinn, ash-blonde hair and gray eyes.
            Cam, Padre, and Jerry are aides of Doc Storm.
            Doc Pagan and Doc Storm live in different dimensions, or alternate universes. In this story Doc Pagan is visiting a science lab of an old professor who has recently died, when a lab worker accidentally sets off a machine that sends Pagan into the alternate universe where his alternate being exists.
            There has been several stories featuring these characters so far, though Doc Pagan may have costarred in other stories.
An Episode of Bureaucratic History DOUBLE DANGER TALES #29*
(*Costarred Princess Athena, The Shape, Dreadstone & The Hooded Hunter. Merely a meeting with the President.)
Vibrations     DOUBLE DANGER TALES #29*

(*Actually features Doc Pagan’s father and grandfather before he was born.)
War-Wolves For Satan WEIRD STORIES #8, 9 & 10
New York Adventure DOUBLE DANGER TALES #50              

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