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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Stone Soldiers


Creator: C.E. Martin
Colonel Mark Kenslir, Call-sign Antaean, the possibly immortal leader of the Stone Soldiers
Colonel Chad Phillips, Call-sign Zeus, former supersoldier with the power of electrokinesis
Captain Daniel Smith, Call-sign Atlas, former Navy SEAL reborn as a stone soldier
Jimmy Kane, Call-sign Hades, a young man brought back to life as a man of living stone.
Victor Hornbeck, Call-sign Janus, a postcognitive empath made into a man of living stone
Dr. Laura Olson, vampire and medical doctor, using her undead powers in support of the Stone Soldiers
Josie Winters, granddaughter of Col. Kenslir and a cryokinetic

Detachment 1039 is a secretive, Joint Operations unit of the U.S. Military, tasked with countering supernatural threats around the world. Headquartered in Miami, the unit is comprised of analysts, psychics and the latest generation of supersoldier: the Stone Soldiers. Men turned to living stone by conflicting curses, the stone soldiers possess inhuman strength and an invulnerability to most conventional weapons. Operating out of their base near Homestead Air Force Base in Miami, FL, the stone soldiers respond to threats both within and outside of the United States.
The leader of the Detachment, Colonel Mark Kenslir, is the last of the last of the 20th Century supersoldiers- a man kept alive by multiple curses and his resistance to magic. The first stone soldier, Kenslir’s body temporarily turns to stone until it is repaired, enabling him to take terrific damage and even to return from death. The Colonel leads a team of soldiers-turned-supersoldiers and trains a new generation to defend America- including his own grandaughter, Josie Winters, a girl with the cryokinetic ability to freeze objects with her mind. The Detachment is aided by Ghost Walker astral scouts able to recon remote sites, Oracle precognitive psychics who receive visions of terrible events in the future, and a dedicated team of Joint Operations specialists that coordinate the use of conventional forces in support of the supernatural combat mission. 
1) Mythical (Stone Soldiers #1), available on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, itunes, and B&N and in print through Amazon.com
2) Brothers in Stone (Stone Soldiers #2), available on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, itunes, and B&N and in print through Amazon.com
3) Blood and Stone (Stone Soldiers #3), available on Amazon.com, Smashwords.com, itunes, and B&N and in print through Amazon.com
4) Shades of War (Stone Soldiers #4), available exclusively on Kindle.
1) Stone Soldier, available exclusively on Kindle
2) Stone Soldiers: Catching Fire, available exclusively on Kindle
3) Stone Soldiers: City of Bones, available exclusively on Kindle
For more information on the series, visit http://www.StoneSoldiers.info

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