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Saturday, July 27, 2013



Creator: O’Neil De Noux
Artist: Vincent De Noux
Cast of Characters:
Mistik (Marc LeRoux)
Aimee LeRoux
Alyssa Lupo

         Being Different Is Lonely … Until You Find Another Like You
         A troubled 17-year old boy finally admits to himself he is different from other boys. Marc LeRoux is the finest athlete in his high school, but his abilities go far beyond what he’s demonstrated on the gymnastics team. On a lonely walk along the neutral ground (medians are called neutral grounds in New Orleans) not far from his home, Marc is attacked by two men, one with a gun. He turns on the muggers and uses his powers to knock both out and escape. It is exhilarating and he feels good for the first time in a long time.
         From his mother, he learns the family’s secret. Marc is an ADVANCED HUMAN a leap in human evolution which gives him super-human strength and magnifies his senses. He can see, hear, smell, taste, and his sense of touch is better than any human. His sense of balance is most acute.
         Learning the family’s hereditary secret, Marc (of ancient French-Creole ancestry) must give up his dream of college athletics and the Olympics. Torn between two worlds, he must learn to live as an ‘advanced human’ in a world of humans. A freak, someone to be feared, Marc needs to vent his energy. He takes to the rooftops of the New Orleans French Quarter in a super-hero costume and quickly meets another ‘advanced human’, the beautiful, alluring sixteen year old Alyssa Lupo. The mutual attraction he feels for this haunting girl is challenged by others, those bent on using their powers for evil purposes. The star-crossed romance between them is the central focus of the novel.
         Strong on setting, our tale takes place primarily in the French Quarter, where this young super-hero in a black costume, calling himself MISTIK, prowls the roofs and lacework balconies in search of villains. A teenager, MISTIK’s powers are still evolving and he will use them to right wrongs, because he can.

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