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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Silver Manticore

The Silver Manticore

Creator: P.J. Lozito
Main Characters:
Brent Allred
Louise Scott
Danny Colt
Gani Bako
Speed Martin
Evan White
Mike Axelrod

         The Silver Manticore is a multi-generational crime buster. He poses as a criminal mastermind to destroy gangs from within. He has appeared in many eras; superstitious criminals believe him to be a single man (even when a woman has donned the silvery mask!). Secretly publisher of New York City’s leading newspaper, The Daily Sentry, Brent Allred dons the black coat, hat and heirloom silvery mask to fight crime beyond the reach of ordinary law enforcement. But he does so at the cost of being hunted as a criminal himself! Allred’s own top crime reporter, Mike Axelrod, is out to get the goods on the man in silver with the mocking laugh.
         Armed with a highly accurate .45 automatic and a dispenser of sleep gas, the Silver Manticore hunts the biggest game of all. Miss Louise Scott, his private secretary at the Senty, and ace photographer Speed Martin share Allred’s secret. The pair aids him in his double life. Allred’s loyal servant, Bako, drives the Pegasus, a car of many secrets. He has been known to take a personal hand, however, with shuriken and darts.
         Additionally, they are assisted by Brent’s look-alike cousin Danny Colt and Negro cabbie Evan White. Together this team baffled police and harassed criminals. Brent uses the skills and spy craft he learned while operating as aviator during the Great War.  Besides being highly accurate with guns and a master of disguise, Allred has trained in gung-fu and ninjutsu. These make him deadly in hand-to-hand combat.
         White and Colt have taken their turns wearing the silver mask in the 1950s. Newcomer Harris Vincey and Brent Allred, Jr. also spent time as the Silver Manticore in the ‘60s. Allred, Jr. was ably assisted by another man who took the name “Bako.” This deadly assassin, now on the side of good is the son of immortal criminal genius, Dr. Hanoi Tsin. Their feud is a bitter one, as the Silver Manticore and Bako have finished off several members of Hanoi Tsin’s Cabal of Seven over the years.
         While THE STING OF THE SILVER MANTICORE was his debut novel, the Silver Manticore appears in these published short stories:
 “Ah-woo! Wilfred of London,” in the online magazine Planetary Stories.
“He Hunts the Biggest, Most Dangerous Game,” in Blazing!Adventures,Bouchercon Ed., #9.
“Clothes Make the Manticore,” in Blazing! Adventures online.
“Death From the Pacific Hell,” in Pulp Millennium online.
“The Blood-Red Terror,” in Amazing Heroes III.
“Wings Over New York,” in Lost Sanctum III.
“The Tunnel Rats,” in Glimmerglass, # 1.
“A Night At the Plaza,” in Pro Se Presents # 6.
“Armed and Dangerous,” in Pro Se Presents # 7.
“The Death of the Silver Manticore” is brand new, appearing in the forthcoming collection, THE SILVER MANTICORE: FRIENDS & FOES. This gathers together all Silver Manticore short stories.

Manticore isn’t in some of these but feature other cast members, and are set in the Silver Manticore’s world.

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