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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Black Cat

Creator: Edward S. Aarons/Tom Johnson
Main Characters:
Nina Hastings
Ronald K. Hastings
Lt. Eric Lamont
Rocky McFayne
Joe Roper – “Slim”

The Black Cat is a lone wolf, specializing in raiding dens of evil and removing their ill-gotten gains: She presented a startling figure of a woman. She was young, tall, and dressed all in black. On her head rested a Robin Hood hat topped off with a feather. A silky mask like a Muslim yashmak covered the lower part of her face, but revealed long brilliant eyes that darted in quick alarm. She held a gun in each hand, and she knew how to use them! The dress and hat are reversible, red on one side, black on the other, making for an easy and quick change. The small guns are worn in holsters around her slim waist, and a scabbard is hidden behind her neck, holding a long, sharp throwing knife.
Nina Hastings is the daughter of Ronald K. Hastings, Railroad & Utilities magnate. She has dark raven-black hair. Her smile is open and frank, with dark eyes that seemed to laugh. Light as a feather, her movements were feline grace. A heady fragrance clung to her smooth throat, which was white and rippling. Nina had taken to sports early, becoming expert with knives, bow and arrows, and even guns, excelling in tournaments. She enjoyed the excitement of competition – and danger.
Ronald K. Hastings is a widower who raised his daughter alone after his wife died. Instead of remarrying, he devoted his time to business, becoming wealthy at a young age. Now balding, with gray tuffs at his temples, and a rounded stomach, he merely indulged in his daughters many whims.
Lieutenant Eric Lamont is the police official in the series. The lieutenant is tall and lean, with smooth slabs of gray hair and a fine, aristocratic face. His voice is soft and suave, while his eyes are a hard steel gray.
Rocky McFayne is the publisher of the Express, and the occasional romantic interest of Nina Hastings. He is compactly built with a square face, curly red hair, and light green eyes. His porkpie hat was tipped back from his face and his hands were thrust deep into his topcoat pockets. Rocky is a nickname he picked up while fighting professionally in the boxing ring. He inherited the newspaper after his father died, and is dedicated to cleaning up his town of crime and corruption. Though in love with Nina, he would turn her over to the law if he had proof she was the notorious Black Cat.
Marilyn is Rocky’s aunt and his receptionist at the newspaper. She is elderly, gray haired, and very attractive. Ronald Hastings has been smitten by her charms.
Joe Roper is the Ace Crime Reporter for the Express. Joe is a wiry young man with his thin frame too small for the baggy clothes hanging loosely from his body. The fedora perched on his sandy head was tilted back at an angle, and a Press card was stuck in the band. His parents died from influenza while he was in Europe in WWI. Tough in a fistfight, and a good shot with a .45 automatic, He knew the badlands well. It’s where he grew up. The Black Cat brings Joe into her confidence, and calls him Slim. When the police are closing in on Nina as the suspected Black Cat, Joe dons the guise of the notorious vigilante and draws suspicion away from her. By the second story, Joe is a partner and wears a black domino mask as Slim.
Nina lives in a comfortable apartment at the Empire Park Hotel.  The apartment is equipped with a bar, lounge, and wall safe. Rich carpets covered the floors, and famous paintings adorn the walls. A large window overlooks Park Avenue below.
The Black Cat was a secondary character in the 1941 story, “The Totem Pole Murders”, featuring The Angel Detective. The main character wasn’t popular enough to carry the magazine, and the series only lasted one issue. Tom Johnson took The Black Cat and added new characters, and gave Nina Hastings the lead role, and she seems to work much better than The Angel Detective. There have only been two new stories so far:
“A Cat Among Dogs” PULP ECHOES (NTD)
 “Partners In Crime” TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #4 (NTD)

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