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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Señora Scorpion

Senora Scorpion

Creator: Tom Johnson
Senora Alsiara Perez

The Spanish possession of California, late 1700s.

Riding a Pinto pony, Senora Scorpion was dressed as a caballero, wearing dark pants and jacket, with silver sequins running down the legs and arms. A wide, black sombrero, crested with silver buttons topped her head, and a black mask covered the bottom features of her face. In her left hand was a fifteen-foot bullwhip, and a deadly sword was grasped in her right hand. She feared no man, and willingly led her small outlaw band against Spain’s soldiers.
Senora Alsiara Perez is the owner of a small café in San Francisco de Asis. She is a handsome young Mexican woman, wearing a large sombrero and brown riding suit. Her husband and family had been killed by the Spaniards, and her land stolen. Alsiara’s father had taught her from childhood to ride and use both sword and bullwhip, and she was master of the blade and whip.
As the Scorpion, she was an outlaw, robbing from the Spaniards, whom she wanted to drive into the sea and free Mexico from Spain’s yoke.
“El Torbilino” THE WHIRLWIND (Altus Press)
“Senora Scorpion” PULP ECHOES (NTD)

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