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Monday, July 22, 2013

Frank Devlin


Creator: John L. French
Cast of characters:
         Detective Sergeant Frank Devlin (aka The Devil) of the Harbor City Police Department
         Detective Sergeant Benjamin Campbell of the Harbor City Police Department
         Harbor City’s (unnamed) Police Commissioner
         Anton Szold, head of Harbor City Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit
         Michael Shaw (formerly the vigilante known as the Nightmare but not identified as such)
         Louis Martinelli, gang boss
         Angela Martinelli, Martinelli’s beautiful daughter.
         Nicholas, Martinelli’s top aide
         Alexander Tomas, Enoch Kruger, Jonas Lombardi, Harry Pratt – gang bosses
         Wolf Hopkins – out of town criminal

Harbor City was ruled by the gangs. City Hall, The DA’s office and the courts were in their pockets. Thanks to a quirk in the law, only the Harbor City PD was relatively free of the corruption that plagued the city. In desperation, the police commissioner promotes Officer Frank Devlin to sergeant and charges him to clean up the town “anyway he can.” And so Devlin launches his campaign, one in which he does whatever it takes to make things right.  But what will be the cost of Devlin’s saving the city – his life, or his soul?
The Frank Devlin stories first made their appearance in Tom Johnson’s Fading Shadow magazines. They were then reworked into the novel The Devil of Harbor City which was first published by Wild Cat books and which is now available from Dark Quest Books.

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