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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Captain Steve Danger

Captain Steve Danger

Creator: Tom Johnson
Captain Steve Danger
Commander Scott Perry
Professor Kela Kleeli
Lieutenant Cathy Rogers (pictured above)

Most of Captain Danger’s universe is filled with the race of man, but they have encountered numerous alien races, many of which now belong to the Allied Command; the best of the fighter pilots recruited into the Space Rangers.
The rank structure within the Space Rangers: Pilots hold the rank of Captain. Copilots hold the rank of Lieutenant – though sometimes they might be Captains. Enlisted ranks are Privates for workers, and Sergeants for non-commissioned officers and the head of departments. There may occasionally be a Corporal bucking for promotion to Sergeant. Only commissioned officers are given ships. The Silver Raptors are powered by Null Drive engines, which propels through space at faster than light (FTL) speed.
Headquarters of Space Rangers is on The Crescent Moon, hidden somewhere within an asteroid belt. Their ships are Silver Raptors, each with its own designation.
Commander: Scott Perry’s ship designation is unknown. The gutsy old pilot can usually be seen in his dress uniform of black boots, blue pants, light blue tunics, and a waist-cut blue jacket zipped to the stiff collars. A black leather belt stretched around his thick waist, with a large silver belt buckle carrying the fixed images of twin blaster pistols. On his waist hang a pair of deadly blasters. On his broad shoulders are the military braids of his rank, and on his left breast pocket was the insignia of the Space Patrol, which he commanded. Over his shoulders was wrapped a short, white cape, trimmed in black and gold, and his many military medals covered his chest.
Captain Steve Danger’s ship designation is SR#1. He is tall and extremely handsome, and ruggedly built with soft blonde hair and flake gold eyes. Having visited the worlds of too many suns bronzed his skin. His Ranger uniform is similar to the Commander’s, except he has gray pants and jacket, and light blue tunics On his right shoulder was a patch with his ship number, “1”
Professor Kela Kleeli is a Taegu-ma insect woman. She is also the adoptive mother of Captain Danger. She resembled a deadly preying mantis.
Lieutenant Cathy Rogers is a fantastic, statuesque, beautiful woman, with long jet-black hair, and bright blue eyes. However, she can change her appearance at a moment’s notice with wigs and different color eye lenses. Cathy looks and functions like a human female, but stronger, faster, and nearly invulnerable. She is a robot, cool and emotionless, except when it comes to Steve Danger. She has a huge crush on her superior officer, and very jealous of him, though will quickly deny it.

Alien Races

Jaspas – a race that evolved from cats, from the Jaspel star system.
Taegu-ma - a race that evolved from insects, and have the appearance of a preying mantis.
Zimco Robots – an android race, but their world was destroyed and few still exist.
Trangonadans – a race of humanoids, not quite human, but can almost pass for them.
Jareems – This is another humanoid race, also not quite human.
Giacodon – a race evolved from lizards, with long tails and three eyes.
Torabon – a race of 3-foot tall creatures with blue fur from Torabonaborgugi star system. They usually work at manual labor.
Pridonians – 5-foot tall, purple-skinned humanoids, most work as space sailors because they are at home in zero gravity.
Fadashka – an asexual race, neither male nor female, with pale yellow skin containing a metallic sheen.
Deben-4 Robots – a renegade race of robots, once built by man, now built by robots, not yet in the Empire, but wish to join.

There are many races yet discovered. Most of the space pirates that prey upon the weak are humans, though sometimes a rogue alien will appear. As with the different races, there are still many unexplored worlds and galaxies in the far reaches of the universe. Some with binary star systems, some with giant stars, dwarf stars, red suns, orange suns, and even some ice planets without a sun.
There are three stories in the by the creator, though several other stories have been written by other authors.
“Calling Captain Danger” by Tom Johnson (ALIEN WORLDS)
“The Trillig From Marrowgaz” by K.G. McAbee (Startling Stories #2)                     
“Pandora Spoxx” by Ralph E. Horner (Startling Stories #3)                 
“Blood And Iron” by Wayne Skiver (Startling Stories #4)                  
“Terror From Beyond” by Tom Johnson (ALIEN WORLDS) 
“The Space Raiders” by Tom Johnson (ALIEN WORLDS)     

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