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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Creator: Tom Johnson
Characters (Villain)
Carol Summers
Rho Soo Boom
Carlos Carlonni
Mai Ling
A sinister laugh brought her out of the reverie. An ominous chuckle filled the chamber of electronic equipment, snapping her head in the direction of the sound. To Yo‘s amazement a black-clad ninja was revealed in the soft blue light of the small chamber. Tall and slender, the ninja‘s face was covered with a black mask, leaving only venomous eyes exposed beneath an ebony hood. Strapped across the back was a long, deadly fighting staff.
Carol Summers was a beautiful woman. She had everything it took to attract a man, and she knew it. Tall and slim, she was almost athletic in build, with long, shapely legs. She was neither Chinese, white or Italian. Long dark hair was clipped in a ponytail.
Her father was an Italian architect named Carlos Carlonni. Thirty years ago, her grandfather, Rho Soo Boom, a Jeti Tong boss of Chinatown hired him for a special building project, where he met her mother, Mai Ling. The young girl became pregnant and they were married to protect her reputation, but when the baby was born, the crafty old Chinaman spirited his daughter back to China, and put the baby in the care of an old Chinese woman who raised her. Her father became a mob boss, and escaped from The Black Ghost in “Highways In Hiding.” He was killed by The Black Ghost in “The Spider’s Web.” Now, thirty years after she was born. Carol Summers, a martial arts expert, takes on the identity of Spider, a Japanese ninja killer. She wanted revenge over The Black Ghost and blood would soon run in the streets, as she demanded an accounting from him.
         The first story ended with Spider defeated in a bojitsu battle with The Black Ghost. It appeared she jumped to her death in the river below their scene of battle, but she survived, vowing to return.
         In the second encounter she brings a team of ex military soldiers with her, but they prove inadequate against The Black Ghost. In the end, trailing a clue, she located Control, The Black Ghost’s electronic communication center monitored by Hua Yo Chae, a Korean martial arts expert. They battle to the death, and Spider loses her final fight. But she had proved a worthy foe of The Black Ghost, and appeared in two stories.
The Spider’s Web (NTD)
Carnival of Death TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM V #4 (NTD)  

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