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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Spider Lady

The Spider Lady

Creators: K.G. McAbee & Tom Johnson
Characters (Villains)
The Spider Lady
Scarface Bellows
Moe (minor crook)
Ham (minor crook)

A shapely dark haired woman was seated several rows down from the two men. She was petite, and sat with an aristocratic posture. Her shapely figure drew furtive glances from all of the male passengers. When she looked towards Scarface, he stared into the woman’s sea-blue eyes. She was maybe 30, hardly older. She was the heir to the throne of a minor Balkan country, but was cheated from her destiny by an evil relative, who had her finger—the finger whose print would prove her the real queen—cut off. She wears a fake finger now, one fitted with an instrument of death. It’s a small, deadly little plunger that injects spider venom into her victims.
Scarface Tony Bellows was a vicious killer, who had long outwitted the police force, until the night he had been left on the Precinct’s steps with a pair of broken wrists, courtesy of a mysterious vigilante who had recently started operating in the city.
An extremely tall and thin man was seated behind an array of radio and telephone equipment. “Condon,” she introduced the man. “He is my nerve center, staying in contact with all of my agents, either by radio or telephone.” Condon also raises the tiny venomous black widow spiders for their deadly venom she uses.
The group entered the mouth of a cave, darkened in the interior, but one of the men produced a flashlight and they walked deeper into the cavern without danger. Coming to a thick door, the Spider Lady opened it silently, and as they entered, she closed the portal once more, then touched a switch that turned on electric lights. They were in a second cavern within the cave, and another door could be seen at the other side of the empty chamber. Once more, the Spider Lady opened the door and they stepped inside. This time, they were in a tiny chamber, barely large enough for the four people in the group. Manipulating a couple of dials, the chamber began to move—downward. This chamber was an elevator, operated by the same electrical system that provided lights to the chambers.
The movement was short, and the group stepped out into a large chamber, well lighted on one end, but with numerous dark spots about the room. One of the men removed the blindfold from the eyes of Scarface, and he looked in amazement at the Spider Lady’s hidden headquarters.
Turning on another switch, one of the darkened areas burst into brilliant light. At that end of the room, Scarface saw what appeared to be a giant spider’s web blocking further passage in that direction. The Spider Lady saw Bellows’ fear in his eyes, and laughed. Walking forward, she stepped between the wall and the giant spider’s web, disappearing beyond.
A gasp escaped his trembling lips as he looked at the beautiful woman standing in front of the web now. She was terribly beautiful, yet danger was the aura she presented to all who looked upon her. Wearing a black swimsuit, a red hourglass was emblazoned over her stomach, evidently sewn into the cloth of the suit itself. A crown of diamonds was fitted over her head, the jewels sparkling in the dancing light of the cavern’s light system. Her arms and legs were bare, displaying creamy soft skin that would have attracted any man.
“A black widow,” he managed to whisper.
Sparks flashed from the web as electricity raced through the thick wire mesh that made up the netting of the spider’s web. Scarface tried to stop his forward motion, but found that his muscles were no match for the magnetic current pulsing through those wires, somehow pulling him towards its deadly center.
“Stop it!” he screamed. “Stop it! I’ll follow your orders!”
There has only been one story written so far. She was defeated at the end of the adventure, but escaped and vowed to return.
First Flight TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #2 (anthology)
First Flight FADING SHADOWS (paperback)

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