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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UFO Hunter

UFO Hunter

Creator: Tom Johnson
Eddy Edwards
Brigadier Mitchell
Stuanofu (not a true name)

During his last hitch in the Air Force, Eddy Edwards was a supervisor in the North Dakota missile fields. One dark night strange lights had appeared in the sky above the silos, and the launch facilities lost all control of the missiles. There had been nothing his security could do about the UFOs, and the incident haunted him for the remainder of his career. Upon retirement, he went to work for AIM, a UFO investigative organization ran by a retired military officer. With his background in law enforcement, Eddy obtained a private investigator’s license and became a field operative for the group.
Eddy is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. He is about fifty, solidly built, graying hair, beard and mustache, dark eyes, with calloused knuckles from years of karate training. He drives a big Ford XL Van, equipped with desk and file cabinets in the rear, and all of the tools he needs in the investigation of UFO reports, including camera and other devices. The cab of the vehicle has a large cassette compartment holding his 1950s-era music collection of singers like Buddy Holly, Elvis, Fats Domino and Little Richard.
Brigadier Mitchell is a retired general who now heads AIM – Alien Intelligence Monitors, while experimenting on military equipment for the government. The government knows about his interest in UFOs, and keeps tab on the balding officer, but he has too much power to be shut down.
Stuanofu (not a true name) might be a young, foreigner hitchhiking across the states. Short, maybe five feet tall, and thin, people often feel like they are in a fog when around him. The truth is the creature calling himself Stuanofu looks nothing like that. He is projecting a mental image to those around him. He is s small gray being with large, almond shaped eyes, and the pilot of a flying saucer. He is strangely connected to Eddy Edwards without the investigator’s knowledge, and appears in times of need to assist, then removes all memory of his involvement from Eddy’s mind.
There have been three stories in this series.
Encounter In Nevada EXCITING UFO STORIES #2
Kansas Encounter ALIEN WORLDS #19
What Goes There?*            Startling Stories #2 (WILD CAT BOOKS)
What Goes There?*            Starship Invasion (NTD)
Area 51** Starship Invasion (NTD)
Alien Skies*** Starship Invasion (NTD)
(Note * Retitle of Stuanofu.)
(Note ** Retitle of Encounter In Nevada.)
(Note *** Retitle of Kansas Encounter.)

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