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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Legend

The Legend

Creator: Tom Johnson
The Legend

            Who is the Legend?
            There are men and women of legend that are remembered throughout history for their great and heroic deeds, leaving a legacy for decent men and women to emulate, and evildoers to remember in fear. It was thought the day of the legends had ended in 1953, and the people relaxed their vigilance while criminals plied their schemes in secret. But when crime reared its ugly head once more in the great metropolis, the clarion call was again heard by The Legend.
            He removed his white shirt and sat before triple mirrors, momentarily scanning the numerous scars and wounds on his muscular frame, pausing momentarily on one shaped strangely like an "X"; then his steel-gray eyes peered upwards at the thick, wavy, silver-gray hair that still covered his scalp, though slightly receding a bit.
His face, clean-shaven, retained its youthful appearance despite his obvious advancing age. The jutting chin, high cheekbones, and wide jowls bespoke a man of action in the reflection of the mirrors. Intelligence glimmered in the sparkle of those hard-cast eyes, yet at an angle they also told of humor and gentleness. Women would have found him handsome, while men might recognize a sort of 'master of men' in that stone-like chiseled image.
Strong hands reached for jars of creams and grease paints next to brushes on the cabinet in front of him. Taking a mixture of jells from several fat bottles he rubbed them between his fingers for a minute, and then spread the substance through his shock of white hair until the waves turned dark brown. He added a touch of the compound to his eyebrows, followed by brushing a dark shadow over his chin and jowls, giving the appearance of a twelve-hour growth of whiskers.
A chest-o'-drawers was his final destination in the hidden room, and here he rummaged through several items, as if determining which to choose for this particular occasion. A jewel-encrusted badge caught the light and sparkled with incredible brilliance for an instant. An F.B.I. shield lay next to it. Then he examined numerous domino masks ranging in color from crimson to black. There were a dozen hoods and facemasks, one horribly scarred and pale as death. Another was a full cowl, black, bat-like and frightening.
Here, too, were fangs and mop-like wigs. Slouch hats, ebony black as a Stygian tomb, with blood-red neck scarves were neatly displayed also. Satan's image stared up at him in one corner of the drawer, with a weird lantern contraption next to a small pitchfork. Curiously, a soft laugh rose to a high crescendo in the little room for a second, and then seemed to vanish as if it had merely been a ghostly apparition.
Who is The Legend? They are many, and Legends never die!
There has only been one story so far featuring the mysterious Legend.
The Legend   DOUBLE DANGER TALES #64 (FADING SHADOWS paperback and Kindle editions)

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