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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Omega Ops Legion

Omega Ops Legion

Creator: C.S. De Mel
The Legion:
Bruce Kasparov
Peter Santos
John Varick
Alex Kasparov
Laura Bennett
Roy Cameron
Oswalt Fletcher
Henry Schucker
The Villains:
Samuel Turly
Ulysses Frost
Tony Calzone
Gregory Pike
Jack Solly

The Omega Ops Legion was formed and unified by the goals to combat injustice and improve the human condition. With roots dating back to ancient times, the Legion has left deep impressions throughout the pages of history. Their great influence stems from being affiliated with some of the brightest minds and most powerful warriors the world has ever known.
Fall of 1999 -- The North American chapter of the Omega Ops Legion is in the partial command of Bruce Kasparov: A captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces, a guardian within the Legion, and a hero in both circles.
Bruce and his allies refocus their efforts on dismantling the crime syndicate situated in their own backyard of New York. As Bruce digs into the belly of the New York City underworld, his ongoing crusade begins to draw the attention of powerful and sinister forces. Bruce may soon find himself in over his head when the largest and most dangerous criminal network in existence sanctions the hit on his life. The power struggle has begun, and all eyes are on Bruce...
Bruce Kasparov: A captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces, and a prominent member of Omega Ops Legion. He is a brash individual, who backs it up by being one of the best in the crime-fighting business. Bruce is of Russian-Armenian descent; broad, with dark hair and tan skin.   
Peter Santos: A Legion member who grew up alongside Bruce in a foster home. Enemies who mistaken Santos’ kind nature and empathy for weakness, are quick to learn just how powerful an elite fighter from the Legion truly is. Santos has greying blonde hair, and a short, scruffy beard to match.   
John Varick: Despite being a rank below Bruce and Santos in the Legion, Varick is as tough as they come. Though retired from the special operations unit GSG-9 in Germany, his Legion training sessions keep his field skills sharp as ever. Varick has jet-black hair and a goatee.   
Alex Kasparov: The son of Bruce Kasparov. He eagerly awaits the day when he’s ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Legion. Alex bears a striking resemblance to his father, except packaged into a tinier frame.    
Laura Bennett: A highly motivated and intelligent NYPD detective. She works alongside the Legion to combat the criminal entities sifting through the New York City underworld. Laura has shoulder-length dark hair, tied back in a ponytail.   
Roy Cameron: An easygoing NYPD detective, and good friend of the Legion. Despite his laid-back nature, when things get serious, he is a reliable pillar of strength.    
Henry Schucker: Roy Cameron’s calm and collected partner. Henry is a middle-aged detective who has been around the block more than a few times. 
Oswalt Fletcher: A former LAPD detective, newly transferred to the NYPD. Ambitious and determined to prove himself, Oswalt finds himself ready to use any means necessary to leave his mark.    
Scorcher: Wild pink mane. A head resembling the horned skull of a bull. His bizarre appearance is rivaled by his equally bizarre antics. He has been branded Public Enemy No. 1 in New York City.    
Samuel Turly: The North American speaker for the global criminal network he and Scorcher are a part of. Highly intelligent and meticulous, Turly has been on the most wanted list of several law enforcement agencies for the last fifteen years.    
Tony Calzone: A mob boss in Scorcher’s pocket. Tony and his grunts do most of Scorcher’s leg work.   
Ulysses Frost: A cold-blooded killer in Scorcher’s employment. Frost has striking snow-white hair and a formidable build.   
Gregory Pike: A hulking figure with yellow skin, fiery red eyes, and a face like a gargoyle. His upper body is adorned with shimmering emerald and dark green armor. He functions as a wrecking ball against all that oppose Scorcher.   
Jack Solly: An elderly crime lord that hides in plain sight under the guise of a real-estate mogul. Alongside smaller criminal groups, Solly and his men wage war against Scorcher for control of New York City’s criminal underworld.
         Only one book is out so far, but more are planned. Where the stories can be found: www.omegaopslegion.com
1) Book 1 title: The Kasparov Agenda (2014)

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