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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Emperor

The Emperor

Creator: Charles Lee Jackson II
“The Swashbucklers” or “J-Men” (Justice Men – and Women)
The Emperor (Charles Lee Jackson II)
Max ‘Deck’ Decker (FBI Agent)
Richmond (Team’s Radio Operator)
David McDaniel (Author & Marksman)
Robert Short (Stuntman)
William Mills (Stuntman)
Shanghai Lil (Dangerous)
Heather McKenzie (Executive Secretary)
Illenya Petrina (Russian & lover)
Continent-Eight (The Bad Guys)
Heruchi (Ultimate Boss)
Gayla Knight
Thuleans (Alien Bad Guys)
The Steel Skull
Sangars (Good Aliens)

Charles Lee Jackson II runs CLJII Pictures, and he’s also The Emperor. When trouble comes, he and his team go into action. He’s very fast, somewhat bulletproof, and a little magical; his only shortcoming is his modesty.
Richmond is never seen by the public, and works from a secret location, and has never failed to be on the job when anyone radioed or telephoned.
Max “Deck” Decker is an FBI Agent, but also seems to work for The Emperor.
Maskman is the enemy. He works for Continent-Eight, and is in the high ranks. He is tall and broad-shouldered, his identity concealed by a steel helmet.
David McDaniel is an author of assorted spy novels and SF stories, and also a proficient marksman. At CLJII Pictures he is Director of Photography and Key Film Editor. He brushes a stray lock of his pale brown hair away from his green eyes.
Robert Short works as a stuntman, and drives a car replica of Black Beauty (from The Green Hornet TV series). Wiry-haired, he also was the special effects expert.
William Mills is a pal of Bob Short. Long dark hair swept back from a thin face; he has movie-star appeal. He was an actor, but better known as a musician and stuntman
Heather McKenzie is Executive Secretary of CLJII Studios. She is beautiful, smart, has pretty blue-green eyes and soft, light brown, almost blonde, hair. She also deals with Hollywood bimbettes looking for work.
Illenya Petrina is the daughter of a Russian scientist, Pyotr Vostok. Her blonde hair was pulled into a severe bun in the back. She has a milky complexion and bright blue eyes, with an attractive figure. Having a crush on The Emperor, she’s also his lover.
Shanghai Lil is dangerous with knives and a gun. She is gorgeous, smart, witty, and talented. Strawberry blonde hair cut a little short, and green eyes; she was slim and trim. She was snug in a black jumpsuit. The little Walther hung in a quick-draw pocket under her arm. The hilts of twin knives peeked over her boot-tops as she walked.
Gayla Knight made heads turn. She wore a black-leather cat suit, trimmed in metal studs and buckles; she wore three-inch heels, as though they were moccasins. Brushed-back auburn hair, chopped off at the shoulders, framed a pretty but austere face, with just a touch of lipstick to set off her mouth. She was an Enforcement Agent for Continent-Eight.
Heruchi is the ultimate boss of Continent-Eight.
Sslanthross is an alien from the planet Sanger, a satellite that orbits the star, Koths. The aliens stand about six feet tall, and perhaps half that wide, and shimmer like some oil-skinned amoeba, with one glaring orb above a yawning toothless maw.
There have been several books released in the series to-date, but I need to check with the author for their contents.

1) “The Emperor’s Gambit” 2013 from Dearstalker Edition

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