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Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Creator: Charles Lee Jackson II
Archaeological Team
Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Owen
Duke Wilson
Guerdon Carlisle
Cookie Bullfincher
Marcus Pom
Doctor David Bryant
Alice Harding
Alice Carlsonn (Shooting Star)
Helia Laurel (Solara)
Charles Lee Jackson II (The Emperor)
The Villains
Varan Haruchi (Big Boss)
Dr. Xavier Xavier (Double Double X)
Johnny Rainbow (Leader Six, Continent-Eight)
Gayla Knight (Enforcer, Continent-Eight)
Professor Barton Norcroft (Genetic genius)
Victoria Poten (The Jade Dragon, Leader Seven, Continent-Eight)
Antonio Aguilar (Lieutenant of The Jade Dragon)
Valerie Carruthers (Member Continent-Eight)
Wiley Carruthers (Valerie’s brother, Continent-Eight member)
Doctor August Yalta (Leader Two, Continent-Eight & Captain Yalta)

When archaeologist Elizabeth Owen discovers an ancient artifact that imbues her with the abilities of the Olympian gods, she finds that with awesome power comes an awesome responsibility. For now she must be the protector of Mankind, the inheritor of mighty powers, Nemesis, the Avenger of Olympus.
Nemesis: Where Betty Owen had been now sat a woman in a stylized white chiton, an Hellenic gown, with a narrow silver belt girdling twice-around her waist and a royal purple scarf-like drape hanging from a small stone and metal ornament on the left shoulder. Her legs were clad in the leather boots associated with Greek warriors, with toes exposed and with laces up the front. The skirt of the chiton was narrow and reached her ankles. On a whim, she tore a slit along the left leg, giving her greater freedom of movement. She is a tall, and well-proportioned woman.
Duke Wilson: A tough, ready, and able leader of the digging crew, who steps up to save others when needed.
Guerdon Carlisle: Leader of the expedition, whose quest for knowledge has led him and his charges into deadly danger.
Cookie Bullfincher: Heavyset chief cook and handyman who serves up meals for the expedition and rides herd on the crew of student interns.
Marcus Pom, Doctor David Bryant, schoolteacher Alice Harding, and Turkish official Addreas Kerin, are the members of Carlyle’s expedition team.
Alison Carlsonn is the daughter of retired Swashbuckler the Meteor, who is undergoing a period of intense training to become worthy of wearing the uniform of Shooting Star.
         Solara: the powerful alter ego of retired astronaut Helia Laurel, who is unaware of her counterpart, recently returned to public life. She uses her great abilities in the battle against the international Executive of Crime, Continent-Eight. Helia is an attractive brunette, while Solara is a gorgeous blonde. She has incredible mental and physical powers, and wears blue and gold.
         The Emperor is Charles Lee Jackson II, central figure of the Emperorverse, smart, swift, capable of amazing feats, all but indestructible, well dressed, and able to charm beautiful women with a single smile, who not only leads the fight for law and justice against all odds but collects the records of his cases and those of his partners to dramatize them for you.
Doctor Double X: Dr. Xavier Xavier is a bored genius who has turned his talents to crimes of a scientific nature, and who will stop at nothing in the pursuit of knowledge and wealth.
Johnny Rainbow is Leader Six of Continent-Eight. He supervises criminal activities from his in the United Kingdon.         Known as “the Count”, looked like John Carradine, if he had been made up to look like Bela Lugosi. He was dressed in black, with a shirt that was ruffled at the collar and both sleeves.
Gayla Knight is pretty, deadly, and dangerous. She is a member of the Enforcement section of Continent-Eight, the Executive’s chief agents of mayhem. Her beauty made heads turn. She wore a black-leather cat suit, trimmed in metal studs and buckles; she wore three-inch heels, as though they were moccasins. Brushed-back auburn hair, chopped off at the shoulders, framed a pretty but austere face, with just a touch of lipstick to set off her mouth.
Professor Barton Norcroft is a genetics genius and experimenter whose love for science is unchecked by consideration of conscious.
Victoria Poten is the Jade Dragon, Leader Seven of Continent-Eight, whose ideas of criminal activities place her at odds with her partners and may lead to disaster. Like an alabaster statue, a Eurasian she was a work of great beauty; a cigarette holder came up to her lips. She was a figure of great poise and elegance.
Antonio Aguilar is Poten’s lieutenant, who follows her orders without question, no matter who may pay the price. He is tall and oily,  with slicked-back hair, and pencil-thin mustache.
Wiley Carruthers is the brother of a high-ranking Continent-Eight member, whose displeasure with the Executive has led him to become Poten’s ally. A total lack of hair, he is bald, and devoid of eyebrows, lashes, or beard stubble.
         Doctor Yalta is Leader Two of Continent-Eight, whose simple love of research and a taste for pedestrian crime allies him well with the mainstream of the Executive, but who harbors a dread genetic secret. As Captain Yalta he wore a green jumpsuit with burnt orange boots and gloves; a golden “Y” rose from belt-buckle to shoulders, where a white cap was fastened by a pair of epaulet buttons.
         There may be more than one book featuring this character, but I’ve only read one.
“The Avenger of Olympus” (2014) Wonders Past Editions  

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