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Monday, April 13, 2015

Vic Challenger


Creator: Jerry Gill
Victoria Custer
Lin Li
Barney Custer
Ann Darrow
Jimmy (Indiana) Jones
Evelyn Chan

100,000 years ago, two cave dwellers were in love. Nat-ul was a strong fighting woman, and had killed a bear with an ax when a young girl. She received a scar on one cheek where the bear swiped a great paw, but Nu loved her bravery, and wanted to take her for his mate. But first he felt he must kill the monstrous saber toothed cat, and present its tusks to Nat-ul’s father asking for her. Nat-ul said that wouldn’t be necessary, but the young warrior left to fulfill his promise. He kills the mighty beast, but is killed during an earthquake, the same earthquake that causes the sea to reach up and swallow the cave dwellers killing Nat-ul and the rest.
Victoria Custer can ride, shoot, throw knives, and fight. It’s 1919, and she has an adventurous soul. She also dreams and connects to Nat-ul, feeling she’s the reincarnation of the cave girl, and the cave girl does talk to her at times. Vic feels that she must search for Nu, for if Nat-ul has reincarnated within her, then Nu should also have returned in this time period. She finds no man her equal, and only one man will win her love, the reincarnated Nu. Vic obtains a job with a large newspaper as writer of adventure stories, and is paid to go around the world in search of adventure stories. She uses the byline of Vic Challenger, an homage to Professor Challenger from The Lost World.
Barney Custer is Vic’s brother, and understands her. He knows about the dreams, and her belief that she’s the reincarnated Nat-ul, and he stays by her side, hoping to protect his younger sister, who appears to need no help.
Lin Li is Vic’s closest friend. She is a pharmacist, and also adventurist, and accompanies Vic on dangerous trips.
            Vic meets Ann Darrow, a fellow adventurer who tells her of her own travels, and about her recent adventure on Skull Island, and promises to give a map to Vic to find the island someday.
            Jimmy (Indiana) Jones is with a team of archaeologist in the Yucatan, but it appears they are more than they seem.
            Evelyn Chan is the niece of Honolulu detective, Charlie Chan. She is a private detective in San Francisco, and meets Vic while on a murder case.
            There are three novel featuring Vic Challenger so far.
“Time Doesn’t Matter”
“Double Trouble” (containing both “Time Doesn’t Matter” & Mongol”)

“Never Give Up”

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