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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Omen

The Omen

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Alice Neville

            Alice had been one of the victims experimented on by Nazis. They wanted to create monsters for their war effort. But their experiment failed with Alice. While on the table waiting for her transformation, she begins seeing the future, and sees her captors dead this night. There is another power as well, that of controlling others with your mind. She does that now, telling the doctor to release her, and he does. She stands naked on the floor, her blue eyes blazing, her copper hair flowing about her shoulders.
            Alice escapes from the Nazis, and leads them to their deaths. For a year she sunk into the bottom of a whiskey bottle, until on a train she meets a couple. She sees their future, the man killing the woman with a pipe, and now she wonders if maybe there is something she can do for the good of people, instead of drowning in whisky. Forcing the man to leave, she influences the woman to leave the train for somewhere else.
            If she couldn’t actually fight crime, perhaps she could prevent it, and change the outcome of her visions.
            I don’t know if there were more than one story in this series, but this was an interesting concept.

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