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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight

Creator: Paul V. Fornator
Mike Knight

            Mike Knight is a night school teacher, making very little money. But he has a side job. He becomes Mr. Midnight at midnight. Mr. Midnight slipped his mask on; it was one of his inventions. It was a gas mask with an amplified speaker. He carried small pellets of tear gas.
He was something of a Robin Hood thief, stealing from the criminals and drug dealers, and giving the money to the poor of the city. His roommate, Jack criticized him for not keeping some of the loot to help pay their rent.
            He has extensive combative skills, and usually has to punch a hoodlum or two in the tales. And is very athletic.
            Jack is his roommate, friend, and associate.
            The stories are fairly short, with Mr. Midnight moving in on drug dealers, tossing tear gas pellets under their noses, then knocking the bodyguards out with his fists or knees. There have been seven stories in all.
“Mr. Midnight” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #16
“Midnight & Dawn” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #17
“Midnight And The Poor” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #19
“Lady of The Night” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #21
“Why Midnight, Man?” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #22
“Midnight Has A Baby” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #23
“Midnight Falls” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #28 

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