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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Domino Mask

The Domino Mask

Creator: Ray Capella
Dominic Orwell
Baryl Chessman
Toshiro Segawa
Herb Chessman

            Dominic Orwell is under thirty, medium build, deep black eyes, with wide shoulders and granite jaw. A crystal had been passed down through his male ancestors that seems to be connected to their inner beings. It gives them the ability to teleport, as long as they can see the place where they want to be. That power now belongs to Dominic.
            The Domino Mask is a trim figure from the black soft-soled boots to the skin-tight hood covering all but his eyes. A white dot over the center of the man’s sternum interrupted the dark fabric that clothed him. The dot flashed in a swift iridescence of color.
            One night, a year ago, Dominic was riding the rails as a hobo, the liquor still on his breath, when he saw several men attempting to kidnap a young blonde girl in riding attire. An Asian man was with her, and fighting the kidnappers in a strange oriental style, but was knocked out by a blackjack. He knew the Asian was protecting the girl, and now she was alone. Using the power of the crystal, he materializes close to the man still standing and knocks him out.
            Turning his life around, Dominic now works as a columnist for the Star News, and trains in martial arts with Baryl Chessman’s bodyguard, the Asian who had defended her that night a year ago. Baryl’s father, Herb Chessman had been with the Chicago mob, but wanted to break away from crime and the evil it begets, but his old pals are still after him.
            Toshiro Segawa had met Herb Chessman in the city’s slum district, as both were trying to stop the flow of drugs. Toshiro’s son was using, and he joined forces with the elder Chessman and became Baryl’s bodyguard.
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