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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

El Charo

El Charo

Creator: Octavio Ramos Jr.
Carlos Angel Cisneros
Arsenio Morales

            Carlos Angel Cisneros, an American, is drunk in a bar in Mexico when the bouncer decides to beat him up and use the American’s money to buy drinks for the house.
            An elderly Filipino man named Arsenio Morales entered the bar to see the young man’s plight. He was small, maybe five feet tall, very thin, almost emaciated. Gray hair, and slit eyes, a small nose and thin lips. He wore a multicolored shirt and gray trousers. In his right hand rested a cane. Made of hickory, the cane’s crook was wider than the average walking stick. Its horn was not round but led to a wicked point. Next to the crook and along the shaft were several grooves designed for rotating the cane with ginger fingers. It was a fighting staff.
            Morales rescued the young Cisneros and took him home to live with him and his niece, Cruzita. There, for the next five years the American is trained by the old man in the fighting technique of Morales Kali, which uses hand, sword, staff, and mind against an opponent.
            At the end of five years, Morales instructs Carlos to take Cruzita to the dance, but he must dress as a charo. This included a Spanish-styled hat, a silky white shirt, a lot cut coat studded with rhinestones, tight fitting pants also studded with rhinestones, and a pair of obsidian boots.
            The bouncer who had beaten him five years ago was also at the dance, and recognizing the American dressed like a clown, he wanted to beat him again. This time, the American was El Charo, and his fighting technique proved superior to the larger brute.
            There have only been two stories so far that I am aware of.
El Charro Genesis    DOUBLE DANGER TALES #30
The Drug Interdiction DOUBLE DANGER TALES #33

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