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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Soul Stealers

The Soul Stealer

Creator: Tom Johnson
The Soul Stealer

Perhaps one of the oddest of all heroes, the Soul Stealer is an angelic being. He is a small person, sometimes a man, sometimes female. A sickly gray in appearance, they are very nondescript, gentle and soft-spoken. They appear to those who are about to die a violent death. Their mission is to help them cross over to the Afterlife.
The Soul Stealers feel a need to know their assignment before the appointed time, and the reader learns about the person along with the little gray being in gentle stories of passion before the violence that catches up with the victim. Perhaps a sudden car crash, or blazing weapons in the hands of killers, or the soldier on a battlefield. Wherever there is going to be a violent death, there you will find this strange little hero, the Soul Stealer.
There have been ten stories in this series so far, plus published in two collections.
Stranger On The Elevator NIGHT TO DAWN #6
1) The Bag Lady NIGHT TO DAWN #7
2) Chopper Down  NIGHT TO DAWN #8
3) I Saw The Light NIGHT TO DAWN #9
4) Little Ricky’s Monster NIGHT TO DAWN #10
5) The Story Teller NIGHT TO DAWN #11
6) Sky High NIGHT TO DAWN #12
7) The Naturalist NIGHT TO DAWN #13
8) War NIGHT TO DAWN #14
9) The Hero NIGHT TO DAWN #16
11) The Soul Stealers* Fading Shadows
12) Blood Moon and Nightscapes** (NTD)
(Note: *All the Soul Stealer stories, including Doodlebug, was collected into a short story collection.)
(Note: ** NTD published the first 9 stories in a short story collection.)

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