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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Scorpion

The Scorpion

Creator: Warren Stockholm
Kurt Reinhardt
Captain Richard D. Barracks
Benny Herzog
Miz Emily
Dr. Nobody (Walter “Tex” Grayson)

In this alternate universe, Germany won WWII. But after forty years of occupation they’ve finally been driven from America, leaving us to rebuild our cities. Five years later, we are now living in a world of Internet, email, fax machines and speakeasies, machine guns, and mob rule. While the Lone Ranger plays on the radio, MTV is on TV. Out of the chaos rises a paladin to battle the criminal element that the underworld knew only as The Scorpion. But the past has come back to challenge this defender of the city. This is Steeltown, Penssylvania!
The Scorpion is a tall, black-clad figure who resembles the Angel of Death. His features are hidden by a black veil that has been sewn to the brim of his fedora, falling to the level of his chin. His features are obscured and only his breath stirring the fabric. If anyone had possessed the power to look beyond such simple disguises, they would most certainly have looked away at the cold, blazing sight of the Scorpion’s face and eyes. There was little of humanity there. And little of life. Beneath the heavy German coat cold blue metal flashed; black gloves are leather gauntlets, his black leather coat emblazoned with the images of the Deathstalker scorpions. His gun is a Luger, called the Sting.
Kurt Reinhardt is one of the richest men in Steeltown. He owns the largest newspaper, The Inquisitor. He has Nordic features, is six and a half foot tall, with long blonde hair, and drives a sleek black Mercedes roadster (black Silver Ghost). He carries a gentlemanly silver-headed cane. As a child he had been German born, and raised as a superman (#7101). He was one of the many clones of Dr. Reinhardt, who used the genes of his dead son to create monsters for the Fuhrer. And the evil that he must face is one of his own twins, a brother. Although a superman like himself, this one is pure evil. The genetic experiments had given the children many abilities. They healed quickly, and bullets were pushed from their bodies. Kurt’s saliva contains the poison of a deadly scorpion. He had eventually escaped and worked his way across Europe into China, then to America where he was able to amass a fortune.
Suzaku is tiny, almost child-like in statue and delicate like a well-painted Dresden doll. She is gifted with a yard of blue-black hair that she wore down like that of a young unmarried woman. A mysterious Asian, she served Kurt Reinhardt and The Scorpion. They had met in a Chinese temple, The Golden Dog, where she became his sensei. She has high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Susaku appears to float in the air. She calls him, K-Chan, and he calls her, kami sama.
Captain Richard D. Barracks is Captain of the 27th Precinct, and is a head shorter than Kurt, but grew up a street fighter in Steeltown. He is lean and mean.
The Clock Tower is a graceful old building with a clock face built in the tower – the only one in the whole city! – with a wild, Bavarian design. The Inquisitor newspaper is located in the building. Kurt owns half of Clock Tower. Japanese investors own the other half.
Benny Herzog is chief editor of the Inquisitor, and does the lion share of the work for the boss. Has bulging muscles, drinks too much coffee, and there is always an overfilled ashtray on his desk, and cans of Red Bull crumpled in the wastepaper basket. Mobsters had broken his kneecaps, and Benny was begging on the streets when Kurt found him. Benny is totally dedicated to his boss.
Miz Emily is the Staff Advice Columnist for The Inquisitor. She is also totally dedicated to the boss.
Olga is Kurt’s secretary. Like his other employees, she is totally dedicated to her boss.
Dr. Nobody was once Walter “Tex” Grayson. The Scorpion had stopped him from leaping off Jump Bridge to commit suicide, and then saw to it that he was eventually employed in the lab of the city morgue, where he is often of assistance to The Scorpion. Dedicated to The Scorpion, and knows his true identity.
Spike is the 12-year old leader of a street gang who often supplies information to The Scorpion. He has the habit of calling Scorpion, Spook.
Conceived as a possible new pulp magazine in 2006, titled SCORPION. This first story, The Sting of The Scorpion was powerful, the concept fantastic, and the action moved at a furious pace. The writing was intelligent, but the syntax was awkward. A second novel was advertised, The City of The Living Dead, and should appear soon. The author pays homage to the old pulps. There is an intersection named Robeson & Gibson Streets, another street is named Stockbridge. A Fortress of Solitude is mentioned, etc.
Warren Stockholm is the pseudonym of Karen Koehler.
The Sting of The Scorpion SCORPION MAGAZINE #1 (KHP Industries)
The City of The Living Dead (Promised)

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