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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Scarecrow

The Scarescrow

Creator: Derbra DeLorme
Karas Tengu (Patches)
Christopher Grant (alter ego)
John Munmulmara “Deacon”
Sarah Chapman
Michael Rourke “Torch”

Accepting the offer of rehabilitation for the crimes he had committed, an international jewel thief went from prisoner to law enforcer, serving his time in what his government refers to as the Shadowguard program.  These carefully selected men and women undergo intensive psychological testing before training to become skilled combatants against the growing threat of the Corona, a multinational crime cartel.  The Scarecrow has proven time and again to be the most successful of their prospects, focused on serving his time and bringing justice to those who would harm the innocent.  He is also known as Karas Tengu - the Crow Demon – and 'the Old Man' as he's the oldest member of the Shadowguard.  His first appearance was in the story, “Enter the Scarecrow”. 
The Scarecrow has operated in Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC, presently calling the metropolis of Braxton, NC, his home, though he will travel to other locales, such as Orlando, FL in pursuit of the members of the Corona (“Trouble Times Three”).  His base is in the sub-basement of a renovated 1901 textile mill presently used as apartments. 
Forbidden to use guns, the Scarecrow is far from defenseless.  His major weapon is his bo staff, or as he refers to it, a neurostaff.  It's an unusual weapon as it responds to certain voice commands, can deliver a potent neurological shock capable of incapacitating whoever comes in contact with it, and will operate only for the person it's programmed for and no other.  His other weapons include caltrops, throwing spikes, sai, nunchuks, blowgun, and other weapons, primarily those used by martial artists such as the ninja or samurai.  He is a master in ninjutsu, bojitsu, karate, savate, and more. 
Christopher Grant is tall, muscular and lean, with dark hair and dark blue eyes. He is one of the Scarecrow's many alter egos.  Working part time as an instructor at the White Tiger Dojo.
Patches is another of the Scarecrow's disguises, Patches is a homeless derelict, well known in the streets of Braxton because of the distinctive malformation on his mouth and the worn, patch-riddled coat that he wears.  This particular disguise is very useful as it allows him to walk in the seamy side of the city without being noticed.
The Scarecrow dresses in black garb like a ninja; his various weapons are hidden in the uniform.  His eyes glow crimson thanks to the contacts that not only change eye color, but enhances his night vision.  His voice is cold and gravelly with little emotion, and he uses a wild high-pitched laugh to catch his enemies off guard. 
Deacon is actually John Munmulmara an aborigine from Queensland, Australia, the grandson of a shaman.  Deacon isn't so much a nickname as it is a title – he's the Scarecrow's 'warden', making certain his charge stays on the straight and narrow, as well as help him where necessary, whether as a driver, computer hacker or what not. 
Though not part of the Shadowguard program, Michael Rourke, known as Torch, is also serving a sentence.  The nickname fits him well as he's an arsonist and an expert with explosives.  He works as a bouncer at an Irish pub in Braxton, and is doing “community service” as a volunteer fireman.  His first appearance was in “Sidewinder”.
Sarah Chapman is a reporter for the Braxton Bugle, and is trying to work her way up in the publishing industry. The Scarecrow has become her pet project, and she makes herself a nuisance by trying to dig up dirt on him to propel her career forward.  Blond and rather pretty, she is quite capable of protecting herself, as well as being an excellent shot.
For The Life of A Child*     CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES #15
Enter The Scarecrow SECRET SANCTUM #5
Sidewinder    DOUBLE DANGER TALES #3
Trouble Times Three DOUBLE DANGER TALES #18 & 19 w/Marilyn Morey Hunter’s Moon**           DOUBLE DANGER TALES #20  w/Tom Johnson
For The Life of A Child TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #2
Sidewinder    TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #3
(Note: * For The Life of A Child mis-titled in Contents. It should have been For The Love of A Child.))
(Note: **Hunter’s Moon reprinted in TALES OF MASKS & MAYHEM #1

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