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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Henchmen


Creator: Eric Lahti
Jean (killed in story)
Jessica Hayha
Delano Hayha
Wilford Allan Saxton

A group of bad guys against the crooked government.
Eve: She is 7 feet tall, blonde, and dangerous, as well as the leader. She can bend rebar with her bare hands, and can probably drink minor gods under the table.
Jacob: Wears Motorhead T-shirts and ripped jeans, rides a motorcycle named Becky. A sizable belly, and a hairy version of Santa Claus’s laugh. 
Steve: Narrated the story. At one time he worked for Homeland Security. Uses Kempo tactics.
Frank & Jean are gay men, both wear suits. Frank has more fashion sense. Frank is medium build, medium height, medium brown hair, and brown eyes. Jean is short, with dark hair, and slightly chunkier build than Frank. Jean is killed in story.
Jessica Hayha: Am hourglass figure, lightly tanned, her muscles ripple as she moves; strong mentally and physically. Trained in savate, the French martial arts of kickboxing.
Wilford Allan Saxton: Typical all-American. He's after the Henchmen. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and played sports; worships the Christian God, and always follows orders without question. Works for a branch of Homeland Security. Killed several times but always returns. Is given his own series with The Complete Saxton, February 2017.
Dreamer: The god of dreams. Was captured by government agents and held captive, hoping to use him as a super weapon. The Henchmen rescue him and he destroys congress.
There have been three novels featuring them so far.
Henchmen #1 (Nov 2013)
Arise #2 (Nov 2014)
Transmute #3 (Jan 2017)

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