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Sunday, August 4, 2019



Creator: J.D. Cunegan
Jill Anderson (Detective, 7thPrecinct)
Paul Anderson (father - prison)
Brian Anderson (brother)
Janice (mother – dead)
Dr. Trent Roberts (cybernetics scientist)
Capt. Daniel Richards (Baltimore PD, 7thPrecinct)
Greg Sorenson (Police)
Harrison Sloane (ME)
Madison Duval (mob boss)
David Gregor (Horizon Solutions)
Thomas Riggins Bryant (military trained hood leader)

Jill was decked out head to toe in black leather and matching combat boots, the lone holdover from her military days. A layer of silver mesh armor laid beneath the suit, and Jill wore black gloves that reached her elbows. A katana was strapped to her back, though she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. During the day, Jill was one to wear her brown hair in a ponytail, but in this outfit, having her long locks hanging down over her face seemed more fitting.
         It added to the mystique, but it also helped to keep her identity a secret. The eyeplate on her face, which ran from her cheek to her hairline, also helped. The infrared sensor and microscopic supercomputer in her brain made all this possible, as did the titanium coating her entire skeleton.
         Believing her policeman father was framed for three murders, Jill Anderson becomes a detective in the same department to try and prove his innocence after serving in the Army. While in the Army she was created to be a super warrior by a cybernetic scientist, Dr. Trent Roberts. It doesn’t say how she was able to leave the Army after all that expense, however.
            Captain Daniel Richards is a black man sporting a thick black mustache with flecks of grey at the ends.
            So far there have been four novels in the series following the premier novelette.
0) Boundless (Prequel) 2018
1)    Bounty (2015)
2)  Blood Ties (2016)
3)  Behind The Badge (2016)
4)  Behind The Mask (2017)
5)  Betrayed (coming)
6)  The Pen Is Mighty (coming)

7)  The Agency (coming)

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