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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Phantom Detectives

The Phantom Detectives

Creator: Jennifer Chase
Emily Stone (Phantom Detective)
Rick Lopez (Phantom Detective)
Jordan (Electronics expert)
Dr. Martin (Psychologist)

The Phantom Detectives is a vigilante covert investigative unit. The main job is to locate serial killers, and rescue victims when possible.
Emily Stone had once been a sheriff’s deputy in Indiana. In a town where her parents were murdered when she was 12 years old. She had been sent to live with her uncle in California, but when she grew up returned to Indiana and joined the police, where she wanted to do good for people. But being the only woman police officer she was constantly harassed by her male counterparts. She was targeted by a pair of police serial rapists and killers, and was almost one of their victims. After the court hearing, she was forced to resign due to bad feelings among the force towards her. Returning to California, she inherited her uncle’s estate and fortune after his death, and set up her vigilante network, the phantom detectives. She is small, blond headed, dark eyes, and tough. She carries a Glock and small beratta in side and ankle holsters, and a knife in a special pocket. She can box and use her feet in a fight, as well.
Rick Lopez is her partner and lover. He has dark handsome features, and was an ex police officer and detective. He resigned to come to work for her.
Jordan is seldom seen. He is an ex FBI Special Agent, and an electronics expert, and has his own shop, but does work for Rick when needed.
Dr. Martin had been a cop, wounded in a shoot-out, he had lain in a coma for a long time, while his family prayed for his recovery. Once he did recover, he studied and became a psychologist. In DARK PURSUIT he helps Emily work her problems out in order to continue her pursuit.
There are two dogs with the team, Sarge, a black Labrador, and German Shepherd at the end of the 5th novel.
The identity of the phantom detectives are unknown to authorities. However, once the vigilante’s discover information leading to the killer or kidnappers, they send the information to the police anonymously. Only rumors of their existence are hinted at.  So far, there are five novels in the Emily Stone series.
“Dead Game”
“Dark Mind”
“Dead Burn”
“Dark Pursuit”

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