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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Rocket Girl

The Rocket Girl

Creator: K. Hippolite
Reiki (The Rocket Girl)
Arthur Galenden
Iliara Valenus
Hendry Galenden
Patricia Galenden
Jude Tavenern

            Reiki is twenty years old and a rocket scientist. She has shapely legs, bordering on buxom, with long fingers ending in unpainted nails. Her roundish face, peppered in freckles, appears etched in worry and strain. Her raid hair dropped past her upper back; her dress is cut daringly three spans above her ankle. She is also a cryokinetic, which means she has the power to freeze things. Beautiful and mysterious, she is in the academy, with Rank 4 when we first meet her. Receiving news that she was passed over for the rocket to the moon, even with her genius in math and ability to remember numbers. She breaks up with her current boyfriend, Jude Tavenern because she doesn’t have feelings for him, and meets Arthur Galenden, of the House of Galenden, and is suddenly in love. However, their romance gets off to a shaky start. She does become a member of the rocket crew when her enemy arranges for her place on board the rocket to kill her. She survives, and the leader of the great city bestows a new name to her, Captain Reiki Starsong, making her the Rocket Girl.
            Kajo, the leader of the great city, had once been close to Reiki. When they were children, she told him he would one day own the city, and she would be at his side, but he told her that would not be. He did not want to own the city, and she would not be by his side. He appears to have the power to fly, wears a bright blue cape and straw hat that sets off his dark complexion.
            Iliara Valenus is the daughter of a high official in the city of Hillvale, under Kajo. She has power of lightning, able to throw bolts at her enemies. She’s also stealing money and placing it in hidden accounts. Those who discover her treachery are killed. She has long brown hair and a toothy smile, and very dangerous.
            Xandri has brown hair, tinted pink. Contacts turn her eyes an unnatural green. She’s in the Guild of prostitutes, a companion for anyone who needs her. Though musically talented, she needs money not only to survive, but to support her family back home.  Arthur Galenden
 Buys her from the Guild and puts her to work for his house, hoping she will pursue a musical career.
            Patricia Galenden, mother of Arthur, and patriarch of the House of Galenden. She rules with an iron hand, and seeks political intrigue. She manipulates people around her, even her son. She has no use for Reiki, and tries to kill her but fails. She has fair hair, filled heavily with white, and eyes dark coals and intimidating.
Arthur Galenden has short hair, middle length, straight and sandy brown.
Eric is Arthur’s friend, chauffeur and aide.
Hendry Galenden is Arthur’s cousin, who Patricia sets up for leader of Ged, which consists of five ruling families, the House of Galenden being one.
This is the second novel in the series, each has centered on different people in the author’s new universe. I’m not sure if any will make future appearances, but it’s possible. The author is building her universe with each novel. Possibly a future world, or parallel universe. People with super powers, guns, swords, and skateboards.
“I, Kwan”

“The Rocket Girl”

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