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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jeremiah Cotton

Jeremiah Cotton

Writer: Various Authors
Jeremiah Cotton (NY Police Officer)
Philippa Decker (Special Agent G-Team)
John D. High (Head of G-Team)
Dilagio (Special Agent G-Team)
Zeerookah (Native American, Coordinates Operations G-Team)
Joe Brandenburg (Cotton’s Patrol Partner)
Sarah (Cotton’s Adopted Mother)
Samantha (Cotton’s Girlfriend)
Rashid (Black Friend)

            18-year old Jeremiah Cotton arrives in New York with his parents to visit his sister who works in the Twin Trade Towers. He’s late getting to her office when terrorists attack the buildings, killing his family along with many other innocent people. He is caught in the rubble as the building collapses, and promises if he is rescued to become a cop to help others. Years later he fulfills that promise and works as a patrolman. He’s working a late shift with his partner one night when he sees a suspicious Chinese girl enter a building with a gun. His partner has left the vehicle, so Cotton follows the girl and finds her murdered inside.
            Special Agent Philippa Decker is with the FBI G-Team, a special unit investigating the serial killing of Asian prostitutes in several States bordering New York. Wearing a cream-colored pant suit with a white cashmere sweater, low cut, she drives a white Carera Porsche, 911 GT3, with a 500 horsepower engine. At first she has Cotton arrested, then finds him a pest when he won’t let the investigation go. After a while she becomes attracted to him, and recognizes his investigative ability.
            The murdered Asian woman was Special Agent Maggie Huang. It was never learned why she was in the building where she died, though she was with the G-Team investigating the serial killer. Her car, a black Dodge Challenger, with a 426 Hemi engine, and 425 horsepower is given to Cotton when he is accepted into the G-Team as a Special Agent under Agent Decker.
            Rashid is the reason Cotton was delayed meeting his family in his sister’s office. The black lad had stolen his wallet, and Cotton chased him to down to recover it. Later, the boy visited him in the hospital when he learned of his injuries, and they became good friends.
            With the Twin Trade Towers falling apart, people were trying to get out of the building and to safety. Cotton spots an elderly lady in a wheelchair trapped in an elevator. He pulls her to safety and carries her to the lobby and safety, then returns above to help others when he is also trapped in the rubble. The elderly lady was Sarah, and she became his adopted mother.
            Cotton’s girlfriend, Samantha is never seen, only mentioned. The other Members of G-Team are John D. High, Dilagio, and Zeerookah.
            Joe Brandenburg, Cotton’s patrol partner, is an officer on the take. He’s receiving kickback from Asian prostitutes. Although Cotton doesn’t like it, there’s nothing he can do about it, and remain a cop.
            This was originally a series of Dime Novels, published in Germany, now a remake of the world famous cult series with more than one billion copies sold and appearing now as a bi-weekly, beginning January 31st, 2014, with a self-contained story in each e-book episode. The stories have just been translated, and released in the US as epub and Kindle versions. Fourteen short novels have been released so far.
“Cotton FBI: The Beginning” by Mario Giordano (#1)
“Cotton FBI: Countdown” by Peter Menningan & Frank Keith (2)
“Cotton FBI: Hidden Shadows” by Jan Gardemann & Sharmila Cohen (#3)
“Cotton FBI: Witness Protection” by Alexander Lohmann & Sharmila Cohen (#4)
“Cotton FBI: The Infection” by Linda Budinger (#5)
“Cotton FBI: Bony Beach” by Peter Menningan (#6)
“Cotton FBI: The Kumo Cartell” by Mara Loua & Sharmila Cohen (#7)
“Cotton FBI: Killer Apps” by Peter Menningan (#8)
“Cotton FBI Deadly Games” by Alfred Bekker & Sharlima Cohen (#9)
“Cotton FBI Project Omega” by Peter Menningan (#10)
“Cotton FBI Death On Order” by Alexander Lohmann (#11)
“Cotton FBI: Survival” by Peter Menningan (#12)
“Cotton: FBI Whistle Blower” by Jurgen Benvenuti (#13)
“Cotton FBI Civil War” by Linda Budinger (#14)

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