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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Protectors

The Protectors

Created by Sheryl Nantus
Jo Tanis (Surf)
Hunter Dillan (A Guardian)
Harris Limox (Meltdown)
Maybelline Andrews (Mayday)
Peter Boyos (Ani-Man)
Jenny (The Agency’s pre-cog)
Stephen Nyre (Slammer)
Linda (Blockhead)
David Tierney (Bookstore owner)
Jesse (Computer whiz)
Maestro Maniac (Super Villain)
Duke Krasher (Super Villain)
Dominatrix (Super Hero)
Mike (Metal Mike)
Danny Digger (Super Hero)
Ace (Super Hero)
Kol-tak (Chu-kar alien warrior)
Mal-tar (Chu-kar alien warrior leader)

The Agency is looking for people with special powers. Somehow accidents cause these powers to surface in a person, and the Agency is made aware of them through a pro-cog in their service. Jo Tanis is one such woman with super powers. After a brick is thrown against her head, she suddenly finds that she can control magnetic energy, and send these waves out through her hands. Other people have different powers.
The Agency tests each individual for positive and negative potential, then classify them as either super heroes or super villains. Placing an explosive device in their neck to keep them under the Agency’s control, they then enhance their abilities with machinery and gadgets, and put the heroes and villains in fake battles for the television network. The fights are fixed, of course, to draw better ratings. All this changes when alien ships appear over every major city of the world, and one alien comes out of each demanding to fight their local Class A Hero. The aliens are winning, and killing the fake heroes. When the Class B heroes (not quite up to par with the A’s) refuse to fight the aliens and die, The Agency pops their heads off with that device planted in their neck.
Jo Tanis, known as Surf, escapes, and with help from civilian friends they block the detonator in her neck from exploding. She then gathers all the B Heroes and Villains together to fight the alien menace on their own, with their real super powers.
Jo sets up her Hall of Justice in the attic of a bookstore where she worked before becoming a Super Hero, called The Bookworm’s Hideout. The bookstore owner is elderly David Tierney, and she calls one of her young friends, Jesse, to set up a computer network in their operations. Here she gathers Super Heroes and Super Villains to join her fights against the alien invaders, while staying under the radar of The Agency.
The group takes the name of The Protectors at the end of the first novel. There have been three novels in the series so far:
“Blaze of Glory” (#1)
“Heroes Within, Monsters Without” (#2)
“Heroes Lost And Found” (#3)


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