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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Red Death

The Red Death

Creator: Steve Mitchell
Characters (Villain)
Ralph Talbott
Dr. Wu Sin
Naoma Freeman
Melanie Guilford
Professor Jason Guilford
Douglas Urguhart
Michael Logan
Baxter – Manservant
Frank Loftin
George Kannally
Lt. Karl Delcambre
Sergeant Kerry
Paul Compton
Penelope Ballard
Julian Ballard
Royce Thornbee
Ira Hieatt
Timothy Rees

            The Red Death is a tall, slender man, dressed in a black suit. A long cloak that was crimson as blood, and a crimson hood was pilled up over his head, his features obscured by the folds of the hood. He might be anywhere; at times, he seemed to be everywhere. He scented opportunities for crime with the instinct of a bloodhound. He arrived at scenes where plunder awaited with the speed of a hurricane. He struck with the power of a giant. A lone wolf who battled the law, his hand had never failed. The Red Death uses the aliases of Professor Richard Williamson, David Bell, Valentine Carter, Alain Marcel and others.
            Ralph Talbott is a sleek, prosperous looking man in his early thirties. He has a pencil-line mustache and roving eyes. Engaged to a rich young woman, he has another mistress or two waiting.
            Naoma Freeman is a blonde; her robe tied indifferently revealed enticing glimpses of a sheer black nightgown underneath. Full red lips invited men to taste their delight.
            Melanie Guilford is 23, with long dark hair and dark, flashing eyes. Her mother, now deceased, was an Egyptian.
            Professor Jason Guilford.
            Douglas Urguhart is a handsome actor of early thirties, with brown hair.
            Michael Logan is in his early fifties, a movie and stage producer, stocky build with a florid appearance.
            Baxter is Michael Logan’s manservant.
George Kannally is the police commissioner. He is stocky build, middle height, about 60. His face denoted both shrewdness and determination.
            Sergeant Kerry is the detective assigned the case.
            Paul Compton is tall and lean. His face is angular. She has jet-black hair and pale colorless eyes. In his late thirties, he returned from WWI with severe injuries, and has only one leg. After the war he started his own chemical company, and made a fortune, but now has retired and become a hermit in his apartment, supposedly working on a special chemical.
            Penelope Ballard, Paul Compton’s sister, married to a lawyer, she’s in her thirties, love, slender, and middle height. She has amber-tinted hair, and a very fair complexion.
            Julian Ballard is Penelope’s husband.
Joan Windsor is stunningly beautiful.  Mid twenties, she has auburn hair. Her parents are Nathan and Flora Windsor.
            Lt. Karl Delcambre is a Detective on the case. He has a stout build, middle height, and graying.
            Frank Loftin is the administrative assistant to the police commissioner. He is young, slender, with brown hair and keen dark eyes.
            Royce Thornbee is Joan Windsor’s uncle by marriage.
            Timothy Rees, the publisher.
Ira Hieatt, a financier.
Mikhail Sebetoff gave four jade discs to four men for saving his life during the Boxer war.
There has just been the one novel, serialized in three parts. However, The Red Death was not caught, and promised to return in the future.
“The Red Death” CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES #45, 46 & 47

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