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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Wrath


Creator: Michael Howard
Jessica Silverton
Galen Slaughter
Joseph Berringer
Linwood Hewitt
Althea Hawkins
Jason Payne
Betty Kern

Jessica Silverton is a woman who lives for adventure. An expert shot, she can whip most men in hand-to-hand combat, is fears nothing. She has travelled the world and speaks many languages. Tall, beautiful, blonde, and athletic, she’s never met the man who is her equal – until now.
“The color of her hair is never the same shade of gold from one moment to the next. And her eyes are a true forest green, the way they change expression. One minute playful, the next coolly resolute.”
Galen Slaughter was an air ace in WWI, and has travelled the world, and speaks over seven languages. His muscular body holds tremendous strength, and his mind contains knowledge of the world. He is a partner in the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
Joseph Berringer is an ex-cop, Jewish, huge and tough. He’s in love with his beautiful secretary, Betty Kern, and is a partner in the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
Linwood Hewitt is the elderly head of the Trans-Global Detective Agency, and has power around the world. He is tired of the underworld rule, and wants to stop the gangs in New York for all time.
Betty Kern is the secretary for the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency. She also has secrets to hide. Tall, beautiful, and is in love with Joe Berrington, but will her past bring an end to their relationship?
Althea Hawkins is a black woman, maid and chauffeur, and constant companion of Jessica Silverton.
            Jason Payne is a black man who does some work for the Greater Gotham City Detective Agency.
            The Wrath: It was a tall, shadowy form, an oval of Argus glass covering the face shined from below the hood. The Wrath holstered the two silenced pistols but drew a third weapon from within the scarlet shroud. Once there had been another who wore the identity of The Wrath, but he had grown too old. Now someone new took up the cause. Someone young, tough, quick on the draw, and a straight shot.
            The Peacemaker: The other man stepped close enough to show he the taller of the two by half a head, and even through his dark topcoat it was clear there was a lean hardness to his frame the other lacked.
            “Peacemaker! The man gulped.
            R-1: She went by many names during WWI, but was a master spy. A master of disguise, she could become anyone she wished. But when the war was over, she was no longer needed. Until another requested her service.
            There has only been one novel so far, but more are planned.

Manhattan Masquerade by Michael Howard (2077) Independent Publishing Platform

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