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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Simon Fogner


Creator: John Paul Cater
Characters - Villain
Simon Fogner
Matt Cross
Mica Briscoe
Captain Broward
Agent Linda Combs
Lt. Poole
Agent Doug Strong
Dr. Weiner
Delores Darcia
Agent Lashaun Gibbs

Simon Fogner:  He was the spitting image of a thinner Anthony Hopkins, and was a Nobel Laureate, nuclear physicist. He flinched and felt the nausea rip from his gut, forcing an uncontrollable ejection of yellow mucous to spew from his lips. The dosimeter clipped to his coat shrieked with ear-splitting volume, signaling a lethal accumulation of radiation. The absence of the protective coat exposed his arms, revealing large red-blistered splotches he once associated with severe sunburns, and flesh peeling off in delicate but profuse ribbons of pink skin. He knew his condition was not related to the Sun, but massive dosses of radiation. He rubbed his thinning arms, bursting the blisters to loosen more flesh and then, grimacing at the pain, pulled the tabs until they separated into long tendrils, membrane by translucent membrane. As each ribbon broke free from his inflamed skin, he licked the tab and, reached up, squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger, and added it to the ragtag collection of dead skin strips dangling from the overhead rafter.
            Dressed in a black hoodie sweatshirt pulled over his face, dark sunglasses, and a long black cane for support, he was the Grim Reaper. A weird laugh trailed behind him.
            Fogner had once been a respected nuclear scientist, but when advocating world warming, and receiving a lot of dirty money for his work, he miscalculated by one degree, and when that was discovered he became a laughing stock in the scientific community. Now he planned on getting back at the world by detonating two atomic bombs off the coast of California, eliminating L.A. in the process.
            Matt Cross and Mica Briscoe are ex Navy divers brought in to search for the bombs.
            Taskforce Adam: A team of agents and investigators are gathered to head the investigation. They are: Agent Linda Combs,, Lt. Poole, Agent Doug Stone, Dr. Weiner, Delores Garcia, and Agent Lashaun Gibbs.
            Captain Broward is the Navy Commander of the Trident Tine, responsible for finding the bombs.
            Mica Briscoe and Matt Ctoss are recurring characters in several novels by the author, but Simon Fogner’s only appearance was in one novel.

PI Day Doomsday by John P. Cater (2016) Independent Publishing Platform

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